Future Perfect
11th Jun, 2016

So I’m pushing forward with the Sciror stuff, and deep thinking about the future of civilization (always fun) and its impact on the world. While Ecorium designs make a lot of sense (to me), and it’s true I could simply leave it at that and say ‘the machines did it’, I thought it would be more fun to imagine some evolutionary pre-steps invented by humans to reinforce the idea that the machines gave us what we wanted. In rethinking architecture I need new some tools to explain how it all works, to communicate to the masses why this is a good idea. I came up with ‘Blocks Space Diagrams‘ ;

Stages of conversion

Stages of conversion

You can read more about it here: Block Space Diagrams

This then leads to idea about how to design future building by giving a clear idea of our design goals. To really change the collective vision of what a future city will really looks like. This lead to me playing about in Blender to create the basics;


This is a cut away of one half of the design, a slice through the structure. It shows the staggered stacking of the units (like an Aztec pyramid!), the ‘hill lift‘ to account for the slope, and the layout of the car park and roads. All very compact and build around a steel frame with fireproof pre-fab panels. Each hab-unit is sound isolated from the steel structure and neighbours. Each hab-unit has its own walled garden where privacy is paramount (hence the high walls and end of garden overhang (stops people above looking into a downstairs neighbours garden)). Security is build into the design. A very safe environment. The slice above also shows the emergency stair system, build on top of the hill lift, and implemented every 10 units across.


The purple space is ‘commercial’ as is where we can put shops (who like to control the light to best display product), the early version of rack farms to grow food within the city, or data-centres where the heat can be recovered and pumped into the hab-units in winter, or power air-conditioning in the summer. The space in the back, the large grey area covers more car park, but on top would be a garden part exclusive to the residents (more security).

The problem with sky scrapers, and building up people density that way, is supplying them – infrastructure has to increase dramatically and often road and rail  systems will be overwhelmed as more and more sky scrapers are built. New York has very wide roads (compared to London) but it’s grid locked. London couldn’t have sky scrapers in the numbers like that have in New York else the road and rail system would fail. When we did build a group  of sky scrapers in London we had to build the Docklands light railway system so people could get to Canary Wharf.

With my design we can population density without over stressing the populace because it’s making use of the wasted area above the road space, and also adds a ton of  secure off-road parking. This design is perfect for large roads leading into cities, or around cities like the M25. I would cover all 188km of the M25 (modern steel beams can easily span a motorway). With each 18 block slice being 6.5m wide, that’s 507,600 units. Later they can be extended into the cities with redevelopments. When I walk around London I see a ton of unused space above the roads. A wasted opportunity. Further, we can also convert some of the commercial space (shown above) into light road ways for cycles and electric vehicles. We could have double or triple-decker roads, perhaps with rail and underground systems beneath, which eventually leads to the stacked rail system of the Ecorium. We could also use the blocks to route electricity, and fibre optics.

40mm wall parts – redo
15th Apr, 2015

These are the replacement prints I received from printed up on “SLU machines (high-definition, they build at the same resolution as a Vipr machine) in the grey Xtreme material” which sounds impressive. They are far better than the first lot of PolyJet prints they sent out, but these new ones are a bit of a mixed bag.

The new prints are far crisper, with the square edges, very and smooth flat horizontal, and vertical surfaces – being almost perfect. Unfortunately the sloped sides are stepped, and while the steps are clean and precise, they are still steps. In the last 5 images you can clearly see what I am talking about, and at 28mm scale this is far too obvious (the mould, and final cast, will duplicated this stepping). This stepping would really show up if the wall parts were painted and then dry brushed. Also in the last 3 you can see how bad the white printed parts really are.

If I have a project without any slopes or curves it may be an ideal process and I will bear this process in mind should that come about (I might use it for future ‘base frames’ which are basically the floor part without the grill, so all flat sides and no slopes. I’d physically sand the edges to get the bevel rather than print it up).

I have asked if I can have a refund if they cannot do 16µm – that is what was on their website, and that is what I want.


26th Mar, 2010

This is an idea for Orgs, the Sciror version of Orcs/ Orks. I like the Warhammer version of Orks with spores, and the breeding cycle of Genestealers and thought about combining the two and messing about with the blended concept to play into stereotypes about teenagers and counter-cultures. I also wanted a bit of the ‘The Thing‘ and ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers‘ in there too. All to create a potent invasion organism that attacks from the inside on many layers.

Concept: The Org spores infect a person and get into their blood. The spores affect the gamete cells, and hence any subsequent child derived from them is altered. The child would appear to be normal, but the Org characteristics lay dormant within the child. When a child reaches puberty they start to transform (many parents would agree with this!).

It would be like a 12-13 year old pumped full of growth hormones and steroids (far more than usual). At first they may seem athletic, but soon it goes completely haywire. They loose teeth, and a third set (with tusks) breaks through. They shoot up in height, pack on muscle, eat nothing but red meat, and are prone to ‘roid rage’.

They form gangs, hang out of street corners,  and attack humans. Their behaviour becomes more extreme over time, until they start killing and eating humans. They become a head-hunter ‘serial killer’ gang. As they mature they become green, first blotchy, they all over.

The final transformation is when they ‘die’. Once the heart stops it triggers a massive change, and the Org ‘reanimates’ the corpse, and it is driven by an extreme hunger. Now the ‘Orc’ is out of control and rabid. It becomes a berserker driven by primal instincts (very true if their was massive brain trauma).

This final stage is the end game. The Org is probably part of a gang (which it still recognises) but it has gear and weapons acquired while still in the ‘human’ stage.

The Org are rebels, insurgents, and revolutionaries, they are anarchists, vandals, destroyers, nutters, psychos.


  • Micro-Spore – can be ingested, or contracted. Grows inside the host to create Bacterium like structures, also produces Bacteriophage (attacks native bacteria in the human host), and Retrovirus (payload) all acting in unison.
  • Child – looks and acts human
  • Teenager – groups of the infected gather together to form gangs as they starts to transform (wears a hoodie to hide this transformation :P). Starts mugging people and beating them up, only a matter of time before they start eating them too! Eating human flesh leads to;
  • Mature – looks a bit like a hobgoblin, very strong, high pain tolerance, and blotchy green skin. Prone to rages, but is still smart and understands technology. Have their own abbreviated language and a psionic link to each other. If they are killed this triggers the next stage;
  • Undead – if the heart stops the Org go into overdrive and seize control. Reanimation. The host is reborn as a rabid ‘Orc‘. Insane levels of hunger, rapid regeneration, possible psionic-boosters in areas where there is a psionic-manifestation. Very fast, constantly running (charging) and extremely tough. An AK-47 will not kill them. You literally a have to dismember them to slow them down (but they can reattach limbs by holding the soggy end close to the severed point) but they will also regenerate in the case where they can not reach a lost limb.
  • Rebirth once more – Total death (incineration) releases spores that infects the area, and gets into the food chain (dormant). Once eaten it infects the host, including the genitals (inc. eggs and sperm). Can also be passed on as a sexually transmitted disease (having sex with an infected person pass on the spores, as well as leading to teenagers (with Org syndrome).)

Their sole mission is to destroy civilizations from within. The Org gangs can be styled after any gang, warband, or counter-culture from anywhere in the world, or sci-fi inspired gangs from anywhere (or any-time) in the world, or completely made up. This allows Player to style their Orgs as they see fit. They could wear tartan kilt with blue face paint, or Samurai gear, even Ninja Orgs. Anything and everything – a mix of Org and human – hells angels, chavs, Blackwater Mercenaries, you name it.

The role of Mature Humans who are infected: a mature human who is infected will still transform on death. I’m considering this make a smaller ‘Goblin’ type, that is cunning and avoid direct fighting, and sabotages the food supply, hospitals etc all with intend of creating conditions ideal for spreading the infection.

Until death, a mature human who is infected as an adult, may exhibit secondary, far less pronounced, transformation traits.

  • For example – Infected Mercenaries who are official contractors, with links to the military, would likely to show only secondary traits, as they are too old to be full ‘hobgoblin’ Orgs as this would be seen by the time the are ready to be selected as from the ranks of the military Mercenaries.

This is an advantage for the Org as such infected contractors would be hard to spot and would be sympathetic to up and coming full Orgs. These infiltrator Orgs may have extra muscle mass and aggression. This allows the Org to infiltrate the military and retain their cover, not alerting the command structure or others, yet at the same time may be ‘heroes’ (and spreading infection).

The idea behind this would be that the Org want to infect military personnel (though this is more instinct; they want to fight and the want to retain cover and play by the rules) as their children will be infected and transform into ‘hobgoblin’ Orgs and probably have some training due to their parents. The parents may even protect their transforming offspring.

In a game, this could be used as special rules for turning seemingly uninfected enemy units into ‘traitors’ and launching a surprise attack from within. The Org tend to see their infection as a ‘gift’, and want to get rid of other humans (who they see as weak) or convert them. However the society is not stable as the Org will turn on each other when all the regular humans are gone. The Org organise into tribal units and hunt down other tribes. Only the strong survive on an Org world, a world of endless fighting.

Sciror: Background Meta-Framework
29th Jun, 2009

A meta what now? A background meta-framework is really just a whole bunch of descriptions of how things in the game world ‘works’. It describes mundane technologies, but how all the fantastical elements come about and function, an outline of what can be done with them, and the elements that are already assumed to exist within the game world. It is the base concept underpinnings of a full background. The foundations of the background onto which all else can be (quickly) built as all the heavy work is done.

Sciror: The meta-framework I am putting together is called ‘Sciror‘. It is basically all the concepts I came up with for explaining 40K technology and magic, ripping out all GW references, and re-purposing the remaining (original) writing for Sciror. Sciror is effectively ‘Philverse’ without any GW IP.

Once all the core concepts are shifted over, I will put together some example empires, factions and even isolated fantasy worlds are an example of what can be built with Sciror. The idea is to make world creation simple and allow for many genre without having to worry too much about how it all works, and all the while keeping all the Sciror based universes compatible and all ticking along under WarSpike ruleset.

More on the Sciror website

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