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I’m looking to make creative works my full time carer. Following in the footsteps I outlined in, I’ll be releasing what I create in PDFs with Creative Commons, non-commercial, no-derivatives licences so you can share everything I create with your friends. As you can imagine ‘free’ does not pay well. My business manager thinks I’m nuts, but ‘busking’ is a legitimate career! Time will tell.

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To create Sciror (game background) and Spheres of War (tabletop wargame/ RPG ruleset). Everything I create will be posted on my websites, and I’ll compile all the website information into PDFs for my Patreon Backers. These two products are interlinked.

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I love new technologies and how they change the world, and BitCoin is an oldie, but a good ‘um. For some reason it always always reminds me of ye ol’ pirates, like they are gold doubloons or something, that you could bury on an island. If you want to send me whole BitCoins, or little bitty bits of a BitCoin, please use the button below;

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This Bitcoin link will open your default wallet, if you have it set up that way, otherwise nothing will happen. I use BitPay. Otherwise copy and paste the address from this file and send me some treasure!

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As I am always working on thing, everything being a continuous WIP, I thrive on feedback. Let me know what you think and jump into a conversation. Agree or disagree, like or dislike, if you can form a good argument I want to hear it!

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