28th Sep, 2019

I’m reorganising my websites, with a focus on turning my hobby into a business, and produce Sciror (game background) and Spheres of War (ruleset). I’ll post everything I create for Sciror and Spheres of War on my websites for free. I’ll compile PDFs of my websites for my Patreon backers. You will be able to see everything that the PDFs contain, and there will be ‘lite’ PDFs for starter rules, and a broad-strokes overview for Sciror for non-Patreon backers.

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Happy Holidays – 2013!
25th Dec, 2012

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a very merry Christmas and received all you wished for (and specifically told your family and friends to buy you!). May the alcohol flow and the food be plentiful – then roll on the New Year celebrations 😀

I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a good year. Ed’s fantastic Kickstarter goodies will be out around May, and I’ll be helping out with website. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. For my part I’ll finally kick the WarSpike basic rules out of the door. It’s been a long time coming, but I hope it was worth it.

All the best,


TFM Kickstarter
16th Oct, 2012

Ed has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his personal sculpting drive. With the success of Trollcast Ed has been doing a lot of production work for other companies, to pay the bills, but this has left no time for himself. He aims to sculpt a new alien line of miniatures, starting with the ‘alien grubs’ (drawings by Des Hanley).

Update 09 Nov 2012: Kickstarter has been funded! New art for stretch goals and add-ons (Hound, Sky Hunter, Queen, and Queen 2, Wyrm, Fiend, Swarm Warrior, Stealth Swarm Warrior, Swarm Master, Alien Hunters, and Dreadnought + guns) has been added, with new greens for a grub, host, and a WIP of the Wyrm.

Update 14 Nov 2012: The final amount raised was $54,090!

TFM Kickstarter

Assimilation Alien Hosts Kickstarter

20th Jun, 2012

Some of you may know that I’ve been helping out Ed over on Troll Forged Miniatures. Ed has been busy these last couple of years developing a new spin-castable plastic, that is hard (75D), heat resistant, and easy to work with. This new material is called Trollcast, and the first box set of miniatures has been released: Andrew May’s Armoured Halberdier Goblins.

Andrew May's Armoured Halberdier Goblins

Andrew May’s Armoured Halberdier Goblins

These Goblins remind me of the the 80’s classic film Labyrinth (staring David Bowie), with the wonderful custom and puppet designs by Brian Froud (and Ellis Flyte). They have quite a nostalgic feel to them, and at $10 for 10 the price take me back as well!

18th Jan, 2012

Seems quite a few internet sites are going ‘black’ for the day in protest of the SOPA and the PROTECT IP Act (or the internet ‘blacklist’ bills, hence the ‘black’). I thought I would put up a post to encourage my American cousins across the pond to protest against these acts. Once again the internet makes this nice and easy; simply find one of the many protest forms on the net, many with the blurb filled in. Here is the one that popped up with firefox this morning (but anyone can use it). An here is wikipedia’s one.

Server change
5th Oct, 2011

My sites are transferring over to a new server, so they will be down for a moment, but it should be back up in no time. This is being done as there were a lot of 503 errors, and when it did load it took an ages. The new server is more powerful; so it should deal with the load better…

Update: Now that’s over, I can get back to writing up those game rules!

We’ve hit 1,000
18th Sep, 2010

The 1,000 chapter project has hit 1,001! This means there are some changes coming in the way it is organised. There are 474 MIA chapters in the gallery, and these all need to be claimed (converted to a DIY) or replaced. Dazzo and myself take the view that we should sort out a new ‘prime’ list (or whatever it will be called) that will display only canon and DIY chapters. At the moment this would yield a mere 525 chapters – so quite a way to go before this prime list gets up to 1,000!

The MIAs are not going to be discarded, instead they will be included in a massive ‘all’ list. I want to keep them about as a fan may yet spot their chapter among the MIAs, it may also inspire some, and some may want to claim and take over MIAs.

There are plans to deal with double ups. At a later date I’ll add some code that will add clickable asterisks next to the chapter name that will denote alternative versions. These alternate versions could be fan made IA for official chapters that have not be developed by GW, or later versions of fan made DIY chapters with the same name (generally the oldest version gets the picture in the gallery and later version get the asterisk).

Both Dazzo and I hope you will enjoy our efforts, and you are always welcome to add your chapter to the list 😉

For more information please visit the main gallery of the project.

New Gallery for 1,000 Chapters Project
27th Apr, 2010

The old gallery proved to be too much trouble to keep updated on a regular basis. With new fan made chapters turning up all the time (like Bolter and Chainsword’s Iron Gauntlet Challenge) I needed an easier way to keep it maintained. I wanted to separate the marines in the old pages into their individual pics, so I could reorder them, but will 1,000 marines this was going to be a bit of a headache. The only answer was to get a proper gallery system to handle this (and on that could automate alphabetical order would be nice). After having a look about, I plumbed for the excellent nextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress. It seems pretty robust, but only time will tell if it (or my host) can handle 1,000 images in a single gallery!

After playing about with the gallery a bit, I started converting the old gallery into the new one. This may take a while as I have to cut up all the old ’20 marines per picture’ pages into the individual marines and then upload ’em to the new gallery. I’ve managed 10 pages so far (I’ve no idea how Dazzo kept his sanity as this is incredibly tedious!) but I think it will be worth it in the end.

Update: The conversion of old gallery is complete (757 chapters in total)
Update: Added 70 ‘blanks’ for canon chapters that are known but lack a colour scheme (832 chapters in total)
Update: We are passed the 1,000 mark!

The gallery has some interesting features, and one of these is image ‘tags’. Using tags you can create galleries that only show the images with a specific tag. I thought this would be very useful in dividing up the 1,000 chapters so that fans could quickly isolate the chapters they are looking for. Below is a gallery based on the tag “first”.

This only shows the 1st founding (loyalist) chapters. These images are within the main gallery, but are plucked out based on this tag. This will save me from making multiple galleries and duplicating images. As a future possibility I may be able to use one page for the gallery and reload the gallery images based on tags! The only problem is that the tag based galleries can not take specific custom templates and seem to be a little isolated form the main gallery system. It’s all new to me, but I sure there is a way…

The full (prototype) gallery can be found here: 1,000 Chapters
Which will eventually replace the old gallery

Main site update
25th Feb, 2010

Now that the Inquisitor theme I created for the blog is sorted out and applied, and synced with the prototype theme of the main site, I’ll be updating main site to match. This will mean that over the next week or two, as I update it in between running around, the main site will be a mix of old and new. This is a bit of a mess, as the menus do not match, but hopefully it will not be like this for too long.

Edit (6 March 2010): All done. The main site is up to date! It was a serious mess under the hood, but is now the code is nice and clean (I may yet move all the pages to WordPress pages for easy management and added comments).

New Theme: Inquisitor
15th Feb, 2010

This is the new theme for this blog and my main website. My aim is to merge the two. This theme is a complete re-write from scratch; I first created the template for the main site and then adapted it to a WordPress theme. I named this theme ‘Inquisitor’ after the fact looks like a giant ‘I’ (I was going to call it simply ‘I’, but thought better of it). Its style draws heavily from the main site, with a few touches from the old ‘Philverse’ theme, all pulled together and streamlined for a more utilitarian look. The familiar ‘drop cap titles’ are carried over, mixing old manuscript and modern typography which seems appropriate for 40K, combined with clearer layout. Browsers have come a long way, it was much easier to create the drop caps, so a lot of Div tags and what-nots have be ripped out. A lot lighter and quicker.

The layout is not quite the same as the old blog as I removed the side bar, and all tracking information will be moved to a separate pages. I will add an archives page, and recent comments page later. My goal is to use this blog purely as a ‘news page’. I will update the main site later, once all the quirks have been ironed out here, with the updated theme.

As with all new developments on my site, they are designed to make it easier to get around and view, so I am very interested to hear what you think.

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