Sci-fi Horror setting for WarSpike

This is a background project for my crazy homebrew ruleset called ‘Spheres of War‘. A hybrid hard sci-fi/ fantasy setting with a grimdark vibe. Basically it’s ‘Philverse‘, the ‘Dark Age of Technology’ bit I made up with all the GW IP references ripped out, and viewed as ‘The Golden Age of Technology’.

Sci-fi + Horror = Sciror: The flavour of Sciror is ‘sci-fi’ with a underlying horror vibe (think Cthulhu Mythos). It is the default background setting for non-historical games of WarSpike. In principle it’s a ‘generic background’; an example universe to demonstrate the core concepts that explain the structure of the game universe, what is possible, and how the various sci-fi and supernatural effects work in principle (the ‘game physics’), it includes an example timeline leading far into the future, and introduces the concept of the ‘Infinity’. All this forms a ‘meta-framework’ for creating your own game universes, or you can use one someone else has made.

It can cater to both hard sci-fi and fantasy, or hybrids of the two, due to it’s flexibility. Any setting can be built within Sciror, and every known setting, genre or game world ever made can be incorporated into it’s structure (using the multi-verse), and any cross over is possible (due to WarSpike’s rules). Fundamentally the base Sciror universe is a hard Sci-Fi setting with optional ‘magical’ elements that can be tweaked to insane levels and remain consistent, Sciror allows you to quickly explain away anything (a sophisticated version of ‘wizards did it razz‘ ) and is intended to fox a modern, cynical, technically minded, audience so they can suspend their disbelief long enough to have some fun.

Sciror is still in its prototype stages. It is a development of the ‘flexible background theory’. It is a re-purposing of many of the concepts I have used in my Philverse fan fiction for 40K. The same concepts that power ‘Philverse’. Any framework that is adaptable enough to explain away the madness of 40K, can pretty much explain away anything (even Doctor Who).

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Sciror is a continuous work in progress and is constantly updated. It is also being developed in conjunction with Troll Forged Miniatures, a radical company and community working together to create fantastic miniatures. Some of the sculptors at TFM are working up prototypes. There is a dedicated sub-forum over on Troll Forged Miniatures Forum that Ed has very kindly set up for me. This is the main place to brainstorm ideas on all things Sciror, and to put forward idea for new derivative settings.

Troll Forged Miniatures Forum

My Sub-Settings

These are pre-made sub-settings. Think of them as hypothetical run in Sciror – optional background books. These introduce new background and setting information in a modular form, which you can drop into your design. The idea behind them is to be flexible so you can tailor it to your specific needs, while providing an example ‘default’ ready to go. Sciror is all about messing with perceptions, and twisting common concepts into new horrors and I hope these do not disappoint.


The fall of the Supremacy. The new dark ages for mankind. Striped of our advanced technology and machine military, we are left vulnerable to the predations of demon and alien alike. Worlds are overrun, Ghods come into being, and the Supremacy collapses. We fight back, housed in Legionary armour, created by the machines for our once decadent society to ‘cosplay’. Construction files for immersive VR games are used to customise the armour, and build weapons, using prototyping machines. Gamers play for real this time.


Stare into the Abyss

This is a ‘Grimdark’ setting. An expansion and extension of the Sciror time line beyond 20,000AD. Psidemic has destroyed the mighty machine-human empire of the Supremacy, gods walk among mankind, trillions burn. From it’s ashes a new human empire has risen to retake the stars. The seat of power is a ‘paradise world’ of Gaia, an artificial Earth. The inhabitants of Gaia are all descendants of corporate executives – the old order. They do not fully grasp the catastrophe that has befallen mankind, their resources are limited, and they do not understand the advanced technology remnants left by the Artilects. They seek out the lost colonies, to rally them to the cause (or conquer them!), unaware of horror that awaits them in the dark, the twisted nightmares that will defile their logical, scientific, minds.

Stare Into The Abyss


Twisted Fantasy. A fantasy sub-setting within the Sciror framework, with a strong fantasy vibe and intended for settings on a single (isolated) world within Sciror. It ignored the rest of the universe, and is contained within a massive psionic manifestation. It is a collection of component parts for shaping twisted fantasy settings. Twistasy is a sandbox base setting, with all kinds of creatures and beings from myth but ‘twisted’ to make a new dream world outside the usual conventions.



All the above settings are contained within the vanilla timeline of Sciror. These are examples of what can be done with the Sciror framework, and an be used as a basis for fans to cannibalise into their own homebrew settings.


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