The Emperor Protects
10th Feb, 2019

LOL. This is awesome. The creator seems to have made it as a critique, but is unaware of the meme that Donald Trump is the God-Emperor and the MGTOW monks as the precursor of the Thunder Warriors, who are the precursor of the Space Marines. I suspect that many edge lords are going to go nuts over this, and disregard the critique – after all: God works through imperfect vessels. I always find unintended consequences of our actions fascinating, that our small slice of objective reality, that we call the subjective, blinds us to everything else out there.

The sword has ‘tariffs’ on it, apparently the most powerful weapon a leader can wield in the modern age. I wonder if this really is a critique? I am not familiar with the current Italian sociopolitical climate, but I know more nationalists got into power. If I have it wrong, I wonder if Trump will hire it for 2020, because that would be too funny seeing this go through New York!

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  1. Matthew Kage says:

    This is kinda ****** up. Beyond the propaganda angle, I'm not sure what else it produces.

    • Philip S says:

      I’m not sure what else it produces.

      As for propaganda: I think it's anti-Trump that backfired, which is also amusing;
      It seems to have failed in it's intended purpose as it attempt to compare Trump to the Emperor, as a bad thing, but plays into the meme of Trump as the God-Emperor (as a wind up to the far-left).
      An own goal as part of the 'meme war'.
      Aside from that, the float is an impressive amount of work, and being a 40K it's kinda awesome.

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