Philip’s Reimaged Chapters

Reimaged Chapters

These are re-imaged Space Marine chapters that first appeared in Rogue Trader era and where never really developed any further by Games Workshop. I thought this was a shame and decided to design some background for them. My aim was to take them new direction and flesh them out, while keeping true to what little information we have about the. I also wanted to mess with preconceptions of these chapters and make them viable to a collector.

Rainbow Warriors

The Rainbow Warriors that first appeared in Rogue Trader rule book. Many fans seemed to have written off the Rainbow Warriors as a in-joke about the Greenpeace’s ship, but the origins of the ‘Rainbow Warriors’ (and where Greenpeace lifted the name) is from Native American (Hopi) prophecy. I thought it would provide a great source of inspiration for a Space Marine Chapter, and perhaps bring to light an interesting philosophy often overlooked. It went off the rails a bit and added Aztec and Norse myth into the pot.

Rainbow Warriors

Space Sharks

The Space Sharks that first appeared during the Rogue Trader era (first as mere transfers in the early plastic vehicle kits like the Land Rider). Based on the simple premise that ‘space’ was the ‘sea’ (much like the Imperial Navy is in space, or Space Marine, where ‘marine’ is a nautical term) I imagined how the Space Sharks could work to this image? I went for Privateers! In our history a Privateer is like a Pirate, but legal. The Space Sharks are mandated to steal by the Imperium (while hiding their allegiance to the Imperium). They attack one and all: xenos, renegade, and even allies. Anyone who owns something they, or their ‘clients’, want.

Space Sparks

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