The Dragons
6th Feb, 2008

I was checking my site traffic, which unfortunately is one of those many nerdy things I do on a disturbingly regular basis, and I have been continually surprised at the truly global nature of my readership. I was getting a lot of hits from Russia and China these last few months; it seems the Russian like my Bolter Page, and the Chinese are curious about my home brew chapter: The Dragons.

While everyone loves Bolters (what’s not to like?), I am very pleased that the Dragons are getting around China, as they are based on Chinese Dragon mythos (and a bit of History). I wanted to include other cultures from around the world and it seems to have paid off in a small way. I immediately went off Googling to see what I could find, and I struck gold and found a few forum pages – translated them – and it seems pretty positive.

The Dragons are a bit of an experiment, as I wanted to showthe Alpha Legion’s MO (a Chaos Legion) on the one hand and how they could usurp a loyalist chapter, but on the other I didn’t want it to be certain that the Dragons really were Alpha Legion.

I like the idea that chaos is not always blatant, and by leaving it vague I hoped to provoke the emotion within us (our chaos), to let uncertainty flourish and allow the reader to jump to conclusions based on what they see. It is purposely debatable either way. Though I must say that I do like the idea that each ‘Dragon House’ is a head of a Hydra, I also like the idea that the Inquisition were up to no good (as they often are!). In truth, when writing it I image the Dragons to be loyal, and both chaos and/ or the inquisition are attempting to undermine them from both the chaos and law extremes, yet the Dragons enforce their autonomy and stand tall.


The Dragons

The death of Black Industries (RIP)
6th Feb, 2008

BI (Black Industries) is being killed of for the good of GW and to divert more resources into the novel lines: Black Industries Announcement.

In case you didn’t know, BI was part of the Publishing Division of Games Workshop known as the Black Library (thankfully BL is continuing) which was responsible for producing RPGs based on the worlds of Warhammer and they did a fantastic job.

This really was a huge shock as they had just released the drop dead gorgeous 40K RPG ‘Dark Heresy’ to whoops of delight from just about everyone; fans and press alike. It seems to have surprised everyone in the RPG community, though many of the old cynics seem to take it on the chin and pointed out ‘what did you expect from GW’ as they flounced off.

First of, I have to say I was pissed. Not so much for GW binning the RPG and me being upset to see the RPG droped, but can you imagine all the blood, tears and sweat it must have taken the BI team to crack out this product to such a high standard that rabid fans have been waiting for over 20 years for it fell in love instantly, only to have that successes and rare glory (trust me it’s really rare among Warhammer fans) and have that all ripped away within a few weeks of release?

The special edition sold out in 6 minutes, a copy sold on ebay for just over £500. Now the regular book is getting on to be rare than hen’s teeth. It’s been a huge hit.

Dave, everyone, I feel for you. This sucks lemons.

My creative fight back side kicked in, and I tried to put out some ideas to get the RPG back in play, a vain attempt to rally the troops;

= Novels and RPG link? = [dead link, no wayback machine archive either]
= Would you buy 40K RPG as a POD? = [dead link, no wayback machine archive either]

But obviously it was futile (I knew it was futile deep down) but I felt I had to do something as it felt so wrong. I suppose anyone who’s been through this type of thing is going to feel it when they see another go through it. I just think it was a really nasty thing to happen, and I hope GW has a very good reason for doing it (though as I say it, I suspect the suits are doing their usual business hack and slash in times of trouble, thinking selling RPGs is like flogging washing machines. Over the years I sometimes wonder is any of the top brass actually play the games or even like the fans)

Rest in peace BI, I liked the buzz and the crowd over there, a decent community full of creativity, I hope all that passion finds a new home – long live Warhammer!

Dark Heresy

New Page Style
6th Feb, 2008

I’ve revamped the style on my concept page, and home page. Eventually I’ll revamp all the pages to this new style, and include some new art concepts and such. To have a look: My Homepage

I wanted something a little different to the web pages I see every day, but there are so many pretty pages from so many talented people it’s hard to be original. So I went back to basics for inspiration and looked at ye olde typography, and then at manuscripts (which seemed appropriate for 40K). I think of the style as ‘modern-manuscript’ which I hope will be seen as tying into the 40K feel (it’s a 40K STC e-paper style ). The design combines modern typography and mediaeval typography. The problem with drop caps in the old style sense is that it jars with our modern expectations, we like our titles! This is disheartening as drop caps are so darn pretty. To get around this combined the two concepts to make ‘drop-cap titles’, where the title has a drop cap: simple. It solves the problem of blending old world and new.

This seems straightforward to me, though after I’ve done it I wondered if I have seen it before, after all someone must have done it somewhere! If not I’m shocked (I hate it when I’m original and didn’t even know it, as people look at me all funny with twinkly eyes and I don’t no what I’ve said to make them that way!)So if you have seen ‘drop cap titles’ on your travels around the net or in a magazine, drop me a line at my gmail address – many thanks!

My 40K Concept Page

Hello world!
31st Jan, 2008

This is my new blog. I decided I didn’t much like the Google Blogger as it felt a tad limiting, whereas this one allows extra pages to be added in, and feels rather nice. I’ll be adding in some articles and using this blog to keep you all up to date with what I am up to (art and games wise), and solicit feedback on some of my ideas.