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To my little corner of the web, where you can find articles on 40K, game rules, and artworks. This website is all about interacting with other fans, and getting feedback on my works in progress. The blog is where most of the action happens, and the pages are distilled out of the blog posts that have merit.

I started this website when I worked freelance for the Black Library, to show off my artwork, and collect together my background heresies I posted all over their forums. My concepts for Warhammer (40K and Fantasy) are aimed at the older player who grew up with these games in the ’80s. I have fond memories of the Rogue Trader era. Back then, the background was a lot more open, and GW left a lot to the imagination.

Now I’m branching out and developing a table-top/ RPG rule set called Spheres of War, based on HEMA. Along with Sciror, which is Philverse with all the GW IP ripped out.

Have a look around and let me know what you think. I’m always happy to hear from fellow fans of Warhammer, or anyone with something interesting to say on sci-fi, future technology or just plain creative stuff no one has ever thought of before! Try my Guestbook. If you wish to (confidentially) contact me directly for whatever reason, subscribe to this website, or support what I am up to;


This blog is where I post initial concepts to gain feedback. Once a concept has legs, I create a page and add it to the menu above. Pages often reference a blog post at the end to continue gathering feedback. Think of a page as the ‘final form’, that takes into account the original blog post and all the comment feedback.

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A collection of works, from my early pre-professional days to my latest creations. The Black Library Gallery is where you’ll find all the artwork I produced for them over the years (and a few more Warhammer prices can also be found in the Early Works). There is a nice little Draklodyte in Galerie Daniel Maghen, that I produced for their Dragons book.

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I am a huge fan of Warhammer, and spend a lot of time chatting away on many a forum. Over the years I have come up with a lot of ideas about the setting, from the true nature of Fantasy Orcs, to the complexities of 40K technologies. The concepts page delves into everything and anything: the inner workings of Space Marines and their war gear, the principles of warp physics and how Warp Drives work, how the common man lives in the Imperium’s and how Hives work. Where possible I try to match GW ‘canon’, but some liberties have been taken. My ambition is to reinforce the Warhammer image ‘as is’, the image in the artwork, the ‘grimdark’ of it all. If that means twisting some written canon to boost the art – so be it.

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Sciror is a sandbox setting for WarSpike to run fantasy and sci-fi games. In includes a ‘meta-framework’ which explains the more fantastical elements of these settings such and magic and psionic powers, the nature of the universe, the Infinity, and more, along with some ideas on more mundane concepts future developments. A lot of the sci-fi stuff is basically ‘Philverse’ with all the GW IP and references ripped out. The whole setting is designed to be modular.

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Visions of the Near Future

These are my ideas for solving issues that are on the horizon. The design of housing moving through the 21st century is my main focus. The architecture I present I want to be taken as if real, so I offer it as a genuine solution. I may create a website to ‘lobby’ for the designs! To find out what people think of the architecture solutions without cutting me any slack for writing a game setting. If successful, this will lay a solid foundation for Sciror, and make the suspension of disbelief much easier.

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This is a list of all the projects I have on the go right now, and also lists a few projects by others who were inspired by my ideas and concepts presented on this site.

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