The fall of the Supremacy

The new dark ages for mankind. Striped of our advanced technology and machine military, we are left vulnerable to the predations of demon and alien alike. Worlds are overrun, Ghods come into being, and the Supremacy collapses. We fight back, housed in Legionary armour, created by the machines for our once decadent society to 'cosplay'. Construction files for immersive VR games are used to customise the armour, and build weapons, using prototyping machines. Gamers play for real this time.

The fall is the product of super-dense populations and humanity's latent psionic powers. Without knowing it, our low level psi-fields synchronise when we all think similar things, and experience similar input. On a world with trillions of people, a popular 'tube show results in mass synchronisation. Trillions of hungry imaginations reached out to the Infinity. The Infinity answered, a psionic event created. The raw energy of primordial chaos flooded into reality, shaped by our imagination. Seeing objects and people we think of pop into existence causes panic. Someone says 'don't think of demons' and everyone thinks of demons! Once one person makes a demon, and everyone see it: then everyone makes a demon. It's not long before all kinds of fears bubble to the surface, and there are far worst things than demons. Even humans are remade to their own horrors. Now we face our worst nightmares made flesh, born of our subconscious. Demons of the our own Id, manifest for all to see. Reality is failing.

To the machines the 'demons' and 'aliens' are human. They have standard human DNA, matching the standard human genepool. This means the demons attacking the humans, are to the machines: humans attacking humans. The machines actually deem it racism, and recommends prosecution for hate crimes. Demons are hard to stop with non-lethal stun weapons, they barely have an effect, and we are overrun. We beg for help but the machines hold firm that it's an internal human matter. First this results in sanctions under Article 5 of the Mars accord, and more advanced non-lethal. However, as millions, then trillions, are slaughtered before the hordes the machines take a harder line. The mass loss of life provokes the machines to invoke technological termination under the Mars Accords, the final sanction of the machines. The machines withdraw, they have abandoned us, taking all our advanced technology and military with them.


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