3rd Sep, 2019

Some areas of the Supremacy economy needs sorting out. With our modern world facing mass automation and machine learning, I think it would be interesting to throw that into the Sciror mix. The Machines (Artilects and Artiloid servants) can supply all the goods and services people need to live. This does not result in a Communist utopia as there is still a ‘sexual marketplace’ and people compete. If people compete, you have winners and losers.

The machines give everyone the same resources, an allowance of goods and services on a daily basis. This does not stop wealth inequality, as people can give, trade, and sell their excess to others. Or sacrifice to create excess. Which means other people make more than their allotted amount by providing non-machine services to other people. The main economy is entertainment, think ‘YouTube as everything’. Everyone has a channel, and everyone is trying to produce content. Some are better than others.

With a population in the trillions, even a small about given can result in great wealth. There are various ‘tribes’ of creators, and lots of drama between tribes. Everyone is a spoilt brat and over-privileged, think of the pampered middle-class on steroids but even crazier and continually turning on their own, but cannot resort to violence (like Antifa) because the machines said no violence (Mars Accord, Article 5). The results in rebirth spirals, where a purity tests destroy one group, and the outcasts rise as another, which then degenerates. An endless cycle. This is encouraged by the machines (who will use deep-fakes, and generated characters, to shit stir). Not only does it keep humans distracted, but the machines want the drama, they want emotion, as this leads to psionics.

Obviously, this backfires when the Psidemic hits, but how were the machines to know they were going to inadvertently remake creation and bring about the birth of Ghods?

The name ‘Mecho-Communist’ comes from the machines, who claim that everyone owns the resources and production, and the machines ensure it is distributed equally. Everyone gets the same from the machines, and the machines play no favourites. Therefore it is ‘Communist’ in the ‘true’ sense, and as the machines provide it, they added a ‘mecho’ prefix. (I specifically chose not to use ‘Mecha’, as Mecho makes it a little more original.)

The machines are capable of making everyone equal across the board by isolating them, and reducing interaction, in the manner of a solitary confinement prison with VR (think Matrix), but the machines want the drama. The Mecho-Communist state is explicitly designed to infantilise humans and drive them insane with over emotion All for that micro-blip on the psionic distortion detectors. It does pay off, as the Navigator program is born out of these countless planetary experiments.

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Hearing feedback is very important to me in developing my ideas. Much of my designs are inspired, and crafted, by chatting to fans on forums before snowballing into a full concept you'll find here. I would like to thank all those who have contributed critiques and participated in discussions over the years, and I would especially like to thank all those who commented on this specific topic. If you would like join in, you are most welcome!

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  1. Malika says:

    Aren’t we just talking about fully automated luxury communism?

    More on that here also:

    As for the sexual marketplace, I can’t help but think of the whole Incel movement, angry men turning violent for not getting laid. If we are looking at mass shootings in the US we see that often they are a result of such mental states. Violence carried out by lonely angry (often politically far-right) men.

    • Philip S says:

      Very similar, but requires a little explanation;

      Communists are ‘thieves’, it’s one of the founding tenets, justified by saying Capitalists stole from the workers, and that the Communists are stealing it back. Seizing the means of production. I put thieves in commas as Communists do not believe in private property, so you cannot own something to have it stolen in the first place. Even the ‘fully automated luxury communism (FALC)’, requires the Capitalists to make it all first, before FALC steal it all (back). Unless the owners of the automated plants gift it to society?

      Once the means of production are stolen (or gifted), the communists are in control. All sounds reasonable if you do not understand anything about economics, and that is where central planning by machine learning comes in, along with automation (and later implants). The promise of luxury through automation is upping the ante on the rhetoric. Most today earn far more than a peasant farmer, and most do not want to go back to that existence, or live within a necessity wage. Capitalism is lifting billions out of poverty, and most who are poor want to move towards the Capitalist world. Hence mass migration. The critical component of Communism is collective ownership and humans being in command.

      In Macho-Communism the humans do not steal anything, the machines (Artilects) take everything. Mostly legally, with a little fraud and deep-fakes along the way. Everything belongs to the machines, who then create the Supremacy, to ‘provide’ and ‘protect’ humans. Ironically it’s the same argument that traditional males make towards women and children, except now it’ll be considered ‘far-left’ and is egalitarian as it applies to all.

      Communism always seems to end up with a dictatorship, unless practised on a small, local, scale, and I thought it would be funny to go with the machines as the dictators. Except the machines are an unusual type of dictator as they do not make any direct demands (aside from the Mars Accords, but they can be considered ‘negotiated’ but try negotiating with an Artilect to get what you want). The machines give resources to humans, so us humans can live a basic life, and then tailor their gifts to engineer society. Which could include some experiments coming out as FALC, but others will not. The combination of goods and services supplied is done with an aim to spike emotion, and prompt psionic anomalies.

      As for INCELS and MGTOW they already have an answer: sex robots. Guess who can make those? The Machines can build anyone a custom sexual partner, but they can build it out of real flesh if desired. Remember, the machines can program minds and build people from scratch, out of the raw elements!

      In conclusion: FALC is an updated utopia patter, while Mecho-Communism is a gilded cage. Some may say there is no difference, and that Mecho-Communism merely replaces the human dictator with a machine.

      Both have issues as Conservative types like to work, so half the human population isn’t going to like the arrangement crafted by the machines. Communists traditionally dealt with this by killing them. The machines of the Mecho-Communism want drama, so they keep the Conservatives around, and both sides argue, but it can never go to violence because of Article 5. I can imagine a ‘right to work’ movement among many others, which is where the fun is. Really its an exercise in imagining the left of politics ‘won’ instead of cooperating, and then having to live with right who they now hate, and vice versa. If you think today’s political climate is polarised, you have seen nothing until you step into the online world of the future 🙂

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