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Creating your own Chapters of Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) is one of the great joys of war gaming in Warhammer 40K and a chance for anyone to express their creativity. Every Space Marine player dabbles in creating their own chapter sooner or later and I am no exception wink I was inspired while visiting Bolter and Chainsword to write up a chapter or two and I got a bit carried away. If you would like to comment on these Chapters, or chip in some ideas; then head over the the original Bolter and Chainsword thread.

Sons of Rarhm

The Sons of Rarhm are based on Indian culture and mythology. The core concept of this chapter is that they have incorporated Kaos (Chaos) into their belief system and do not fear demons. A high proportion of the inhabitants are resistant to demonic influence and many are Psykers, or have highly developed spiritual senses.

Sons of Rarhm Info Page.


This based on Basian (Barbados) culture which is very strict and religious (similar to Victorian England), they abhor magics, and have many strong women in prominent roles within society. The Tridents therefore do not have an Psykers among their number. They view the inclusion of Psykers in a marine Chapter or any Imperial organisation as fundamentally destabilising to humanity. The Sisters of Battle have an order situated on the same home world and are constantly monitoring the population for mutants and wytches, and this suits the Tridents.

The Tridents Info Page.

The Certified (AKA Bloody Bulldogs)

A chapter inspired by British culture, tending towards the old ‘firm’ style of organised crime and manors. An old world feudal system working within the vast Hives consisting of millions of Ecorium housing trillions of people. Once mighty they are in decline, suffering terribly at the hands of the Dark Elder. They have a huge problem with the Eldar, and effeminate behaviours.

The Certified Info Page.

Bull Guard (Tauromarch Corps)

An offshoot of the Steel Confessors. This is another attempt by the Adeptus Mechanicus to gain Space Marine chapters under their direct control, and further blend them with technology. The bend the rules, and seem to be building an army of ‘scouts’ in order to circumvent the 1,000 marine limit.

The Bull Guard Info Page.

Aquamarines (+Argonauts)

Basically the Argonauts in space, and all the myth and legends that brings. I contemplated having them go after the Word Bearers (who have parts of the Golden Fleece myth) and attempt to hunt down their Primarch.

The Aquamarines Info Page.

Red Maw

This is a pure gothic horror chapter – and playing up the vampire aspect of the Blood Angels. I wanted some to have something that was like Dante’s inferno (tie in to Chapter Master of the Blood Angels?), where insane vampires wail in lock sarcophagi. I imagine it was an attempt by the Blood Angels to cut out the worst of those afflicted with the Black Rage and deep thirst out of the chapter. In reality it is an insane asylum except there the inmates are let out to run amok!

The Red Maw Info Page.

The Ómen

This has a strong celtic theme, and is a semi-homage to the comics of Slaine. I wanted to twist the mythology of the Celts into the background of this Chapter, and weave in plenty of chaos.

The Ómen Info Page.

The Dragons

This chapter was inspired by Chinese myths and legends of dragons. After working up the Alpha Legion’s MO and contemplating how they take over a chapter, and the misunderstanding that grow through secrecy, I figured the 9 dragons (well 8 really) could be the heads of the Hydra. As such the isolationist Dragons seemed to be an ideal Chapter to be suspected of an Alpha Legion Cell, but are they?

The Dragons Info Page.

Blood Sharks

Counterparts to the Space Sharks, and protectors of certain powerful Navigator houses. The are a law unto themselves (like all the Shark successor chapters) and virtually ignore the Imperium. They are the hunters in the dark, who dwell deep in the warp, only rushing to the surface to ambush prey. The Inquisition suspects the worst but how to catch them?

The Blood Sharks Info Page.

Blood Eagles

Based on Viking culture and mythology with an extra twist and ramped up to the max. They are named after a particularly gruesome method of torture and execution called the Blood Eagle. I wanted to make a truly psychotic chapters with a melancholy view of the world. These marines are crazy.

The Blood Eagles Info Page.

Red Suns

Samurai in space – kinda. Based on Japanese culture and mythology. The are a Blood Angel successor yet take a very different view of the Black Rage and see it more as a ‘blessing of Sanguinius’. To a marines of the Red Suns being chosen to wield the power of Sanguinius is the greatest honour, and if that means their death: so be it.

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