Early Works


This is a collection of my art from many moons ago. They are originally rendered with Liquitex acrylic on Frisk CS artboard and later tarted up on my first computer. The first two are some of the test pieces I sent to Games Workshop when I was first starting out, before I received my first commission from the Black Library. I sent a lot of art to Games Workshop over the years, and took portfolio on a pilgrimage to Games Day many times. It was great fun, and I gained a lot of advice from the design studio which was worth it’s weight in gold. The GD trip, just prior to getting in with BL, I had a chat with John Blanche: he was very perceptive and told me a few things about my character that I did not understand at the time. I understand now, and he was right: I’m an artist not and illustrator. I guess when you have been in the game as long as he has, you know a thing or two!

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