Black Library


These artworks were commissioned by the Black Library. The art is reproduce here with kind permission. Each was used on a cover of one of their publications. The subject matter was mostly Warhammer 40,000 (40K), a few for Blood Bowl and and even one for the Black Flame (2000AD‘s Strontium Dog) which was their other imprint. My favourite artwork out of all of them is the one I had most freedom create; the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch from ‘Warhammer Fantasy’ (which for some reason all women who have viewed it seem assume it is Dragon? Perhaps a similar vibe to Blake’s Red Dragon?). Looking back through my covers is like looking back in time, from my early painting style to the latest computer generated imagery (which I wanted to use for a comic – but that’s another story!).

NOTICE: Cover images of Black Library novels and magazines are the property of Games Workshop Ltd, and used with permission. Copyright © Games Workshop Ltd., 2009, all rights reserved.

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