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14th Nov, 2019

Dark Angel Terminator

I'm also planning an unofficial 40K mod of Spheres of War. The focus will be on the Space Marines, using modified rules used for the Legionary power armoured troops. Rules play-tested for the Marines can be transferred over to the Legionaries, and vice-versa. Killing two birds with one stone, or bolt in this case. (Though a exploding bolt would take out several!) Of course you can use Marines as stand-ins for Legionaries. I'll be targeting the 'true-scale' gamer.

Power-Armour will be handled the same for both, and I'll introduce a couple of variants for the bolter, including my Philverse 'Octo-bolt' which is a multi-mode ammo for the bolter. A bit like Judge Dredd Lawgiver but it does not use different ammo. It is not the gun that has modes, it is the ammo.

The Sciror version of the bolter is called a bolter just like in 40K. (Why mess with perfection, and it seems to now be a generic term; it turned up in Doctor Who, in the Impossible Planet, or was it the Satan Pit? A fun 2 part story that has some strong 40K influences, I liked the 'flat-pack' architecture.) If GW complains then it'll be a 'Smartgun'. (a bit like the M56 in Aliens, and may also include a 'smartgun' control measure. So smart is several senses.) In the beginning, with Fragment 1 and 2, the most import aspect to concentrate on is organising movement. Regular 40K rules can be used for shooting until I short that out.

I've started a thread on Bolter and Chainsword, and they are all about Space Marines. I'll be aiming to pitch it as a mix of Space Hulk and 40K. Where Marines can fire multiple times in a turn as 'Nids rush 'em! Or Orks rush 'em. Or Tau, or Chaos. Lots of rushing 😀

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