40mm floor part – 3D prints
22nd Mar, 2015

There are the new 40mm floor parts fresh from Shapeways. Same Frosted Ultra Detail. First impression were good, the grill is a lot more distinct, and the locks are much tighter. There is a slight drop towards some of the corners that I am not happy about. I am looking for a new 3D printer service and I’ve found a couple that offer the prints via a Polyjet (600x600dpi in x y axis, and 30µm or 16µm layers) which is about 4 to 8 times more detailed than Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail. Once I’ve test them out I’ll report back.

Once I had these new prints I realised that there is what looks like a ‘swastika’ on the bottom made up of the locks and supports. This is an unintended consequence of reducing the size of the base down to 40mm. I made a note on the image (in case the image was taken out of context and it’s got my name on it!) that this may be okay for a game where players are killing Nazi’s (like Castle Wolfenstein). A Psidemic could produce this, or even better would be ‘Zombie Nazis’! I have a feeling that regardless of post hoc explanation it may be offensive and therefore a problem. Also Germany has strict laws against the swastika so selling there may be an issue. To make it very clear, the swastika was not intended, the design is based on the larger 50mm which does not look like a swastika. It is merely an unfortunate, and unintended, side effect of reducing the floor part.

I may have to mess around with the design a little to get rid of the ‘swastika’.

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