WHRP Rule Mods

House rules

This is a collection of articles on various Warhammer Fantasy Role Play related stuff.

Know ya Place

First up, is a bit of background I wrote explaining combat, and why non-lethal combat is the norm. No the usual hack and slash Modus Operandi that is popular in fantasy games, and was an attempt to introduce a gritter feel to the Olde World.

Combat in the Old World

Modified Dodge (house rule)

This is a modification to the way the dodge rule works in rule book.

Dodge and Move

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Hearing feedback is very important to me in developing my ideas. Much of my designs are inspired, and crafted, by chatting to fans on forums before snowballing into a full concepts posted on this website. I would like to thank all those who have contributed critiques and participated in discussions over the years. If you would like join in, you are most welcome!

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