1,000 Chapters - Canon

Official GW Chapters [295]

This is a gallery of all 295 official (canon) chapters listed in the 1,000 chapters project. All the images link to the Lexicanum website which lists references for each canon chapter. Using the Lexicanum you can find out where the chapter's background can be located in official Games Workshop material. However some chapters are so rare; a throw away reference tucked away in a Black Library novel, or some old dusty text harking back to previous editions of 40K, that they do not appear on the Lexicanum, or anywhere else! As I can't link to an external source I have collected them together in my 'Obscure Chapters' page.

You may have noticed a few blanks! There are a lot of canon chapters that are referenced by name only in official background text. These chapters lack an official colour scheme and appear here in plain white (a 'blank').

Project moved: 03 March 2020

New Project Website: Canon

Chapters marked with an asterisk (*) are shown with a fan made colour scheme to fill in an incomplete official colour scheme, or from a fan based project to fill in the details of an official chapter that has not been fully developed by Games Workshop.

All the Space Marine colour schemes in this gallery were rendered up using Bolter and Chainsword's fantastic Space Marine Painter App (v5). If you would like to chip in some ideas or submit a chapter please head over to my Projects Page for more details.

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