Gravity Funnel

Rapid Surface-Orbital Transport

Archaeotech from the Dark Age of Technology. The lifting platforms are over a hundred meters across and are able to lift thousands upon thousands of tonnes of goods at a time. In orbit there is a corresponding geostationary dock, that interfaces with ships wishing to load and unload goods. The heavy duty emitters are set at the bottom of a shaft deep under ground and are heavily protected and shielded. The Gravity Lifts are found on Hive Worlds, and count as shipping docks for the unloading of goods.


A combination of phase field emitters charging phased materials inserts embedded into lifting platforms.

Hive Spire

Some of the older Hives within the Imperium, dating back to the Dark Age, have obit scrapping ‘hive spires’ which are the fully functional Gravity Funnels. Others have much shorter spires, such as Necromunda, which are remnants of dysfunctional Gravity Funnels retrofitted and work after a fashion.

In current 40K most Gravity Funnels are found on Forge Worlds.

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