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This is the 1000 Chapters Gallery Project – a collection of Space Marine colour schemes all rendered up using Bolter and Chainsword’s fantastic Space Marine Painter App. The images presented here were pulled together by Dazzo from many sources. Dazzo is an old hand from many forums, I met him over on Anargo many moons ago. He diligently collected together all the know chapters; both in fandom and official GW canon. At the moment there are 852 recorded here but 1,000 is the goal. Apparently my chapters inspired him to take on this crazy task, and I hope others will feel equally inspired by his work.

Each marine within this Gallery can be clicked; which will open a new window containing more information about that particular chapter (the Chapter’s ‘Index Astartes’ or ‘IA’). Some IAs are missing and in this case you’ll see a request page for more information, and links should you wish to help out.

If you would like to chip in some ideas or submit a chapter please head over to my Projects Page for more details


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  • Plain (unarmed) marines are ‘canon chapters’ which do not have an official colour scheme.
  • * (asterisk) denotes a fan made colour scheme where an official colour scheme do not exist for canon chapter

DIY Chapters

I’ve contributed a few chapters to this project, and I would encourage everyone reading this to do likewise. Creating your own chapter of Space Marines is one of the great joys of war gaming in Warhammer 40K and a chance for you to express your creativity. As an example of what is needed – check out my chapters;

Head over to My Chapter Index Page for more details


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