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Hearing feedback is very important to me in developing my ideas. Much of my designs are inspired, and crafted, by chatting to fans on forums before snowballing into a full concept you'll find here. I would like to thank all those who have contributed critiques and participated in discussions over the years, and I would especially like to thank all those who commented on this specific topic. If you would like join in, you are most welcome!

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  1. Michael M Dillon says:

    Phil, OMG You have some excellent ideas!

    I got busy and didn’t post this feedback to your guestbook earlier, but here is my quick praise in random order:

    Wow, makes more sense!
    It’s really an ethnicity and a culture, not a mutation. They are huge and tough because they are born and raised on G1 planets while ancestors were adapted to crushing punishing high grav toxic environment. Like an average human born in low G.
    They seem moronic purely because of a strong culture clash (and cuz of the BONEhead lobotomization measures sometimes taken to “control their stupidity.”)
    F ing brilliant. Suddenly I respect the whole Ogryn concept.

    Standardized 8×8 unit blocks:
    ? A convenient & very plausible reason all the gaming maps have 2-square-wide corridors!

    Ecoria, hives, etc:
    Dammm spot on, that makes it work efficiently enough to actually WORK, without necessarily removing grimdark. The classic terrible overcrowded slums of the great hive planets idea still works even with the ideal ecoria since the huge block is mostly food production and STILL can only support like 8 people per villa. Very easy to overcrowd actually. Goofy humans.

    Why SO many dead worlds:
    Oh. Right. Good point.

    Ooooh nice sophisticated expansion on the “machine god” concept. Of course they don’t explain in detail to uncouth outsiders. And with loss of higher -level implants, then yes, even the magi can only access “instinctive” and fairly basic utilitarian knowledge about the tech they themselves use. ??? totally works.

    I myself had been wondering HOW in heck you can have a specific land raider in service for *several thousand years* and not have the AdMech or techmarines actually understand engineering. Well they understand basic physics and metallurgy and stuff but apparently chant gibberish and hammer things with wrenches? What, GW? – No, as you say, what looks like barbaric superstition is really trance-inducing ritual, actually required to access external memory.

    In a way they are all severely handicapped by the implant culture: without it they would have been forced to discover and learn advanced skills etc and then have more actual personal knowledge. But the implants also provide vastly broader, if shallower, knowledge, plus a connection to the cloud that really does connect – distantly- to the Omnissiah. So in actual use, even the limited implants are indispensable.

    Besides, the Stone Men gestalt etc most likely needs them at this level to act as some part of their own system … (the original Matrix script has humans as bio nodes for cloud computing. They ARE the Matrix. Producers dumbed it to batteries, which doesn’t work…)

    Fall of the Golden Age:
    YES with a capital YES.
    The whole fear OF machines (that Asimov tried to overcome 60 years ago for Ghod’s sake) is a pretty movie-executive plot line. Yours is MUCH more likely.

    The computer sentience provides and controls Such advanced tech, for FREE (cuz money doesn’t even make sense really), and bam, human civilization collapses! Realistic (and hilarious. And sad)… so humans instantly enslaved to benevolent computers. Hey, they thought that was a win-win.

    The flaw is we are just advanced organic animals and need conflict to continue to evolve. Meh.

    Oh, and the AdMech empire:
    That is so obvious, why did I keep glossing over the thought before?

    The fluff SAYS, and has for decades, that the AdMech is not so much a “department” of the Imperium as an ally. They are kind of a separate, but symbiotic, empire.

    But wait, if the precursor to today’s AdMech was the empire of the machines, which coddled and supported and relied on the civilization of humans… and the galaxy was vastly colonized… and then machines turned off… and then eventually limited ability returned to those humans dedicated to the “holistic machine” cult… all throughout the galaxy…

    Then today’s AdMech really IS a separate empire, *bigger* than the Imperium, and in fact the Imperium is only ONE of several of ITS supporting symbiotes.

    Mind officially blown, thank you.

    Petram Permanens.

  2. Midnight-Blue766 says:

    Just one more thing: I can use your ideas in my fics as long as I give credit, right?

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