My name is Philip Sibbering. I am an artist and games-designer. On this website you’ll find Spheres of War, Sciror, my articles on Warhammer, and artwork. You are welcome to join in.

  • Spheres of War is fast table-top wargame for 28mm miniatures, using serial matches, and one roll resolution.
  • Sciror is a sci-fi/horror background which is Philverse with all the GW IP ripped out, blended with Dante’s Inferno and H.P. Lovecraft, with a touch of my own madness.
  • My Warhammer articles are a resource for role-play gamers. My attempt to tidy up the background logic, and nudge the tech savvy modern audience towards suspending their disbelief once more.
  • The 1,000 chapter project is collects together all the cannon chapters, along with DIY chapters submitted via Bolter & Chainsword.


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