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  1. Graham Voigt says:

    Hello Philip,

    I am writing this to say thank you. I was doing research on The Rainbow Warriors, when I came upon your space marine picture in google images, it was and is the inspiration for my army. Feel free to check them out on my flickr page. You truly were the inspiration for this army, and I didn't even know who you were until now. Thank you sir.

  2. Barry Robertson says:


    Not sure how to get my chapter onto your site so here they they are:

    • Founding: They are one of the Thirteenth founding under the scrutiny of the Inquisition and Terra are fully aware of them marked as Top Secret Inquisition to observe ONLY.
    • Name: Imperial Ghost
    • Armour: White with blue flames up their legs.
    • Chapter Symbol: NONE
    • Planet Home world: TOP SECRET



  3. Michael says:

    I'm not a serious gamer I'm afraid but I really enjoyed your website, it was very well-written, extremely well-illustrated and I enjoyed your novel perspective on history. The Dark Age of Technology is a really interesting concept seldom explored in any depth so I really enjoyed reading your account! Please keep updating.

  4. levi says:

    Hello I was wondering if I could use your idea for "The Certified", I think they are awesome lol.

    • Philip S says:

      Thanks. I'm curious what you want to use them for? An army, fan fic, computer game mod?

      You are welcome to use The Certified with the usual caveats: GW IP, non-commercial venture, etc. A credit (and link back to my site) would be nice too 🙂


  5. Pär Larsson says:

    Nice stuff. Working on an Eisenhorn screenplay for realistic-CGI adaptation, came here due to your nice Astartes size chart on a wiki.

  6. robert berencreuz says:

    Hey, could you pop me an email to my mail address, got something i want to discuss with you. /Rob

  7. Malika says:

    Hey man,

    How have you been man? Are you still working on some Philverse/Sciror/Warspike stuff? I've been pondering about writing some comic scripts for stories that take place in the Ecorium. It all depends on how my other scripts are picked up by the artists, so we shall see...

    • Philip S says:

      Yep, I'm still working up all that stuff! At the moment the focus is very much on the WarSpike quick start/ basic rule set PDF. It's coming along nicely, but it has undergone a ton of revisions as I refine what I want from it.

      I’ve been pondering about writing some comic scripts for stories that take place in the Ecorium.

      Sounds very interesting. If you need to discuss anything; start a thread over on the Sciror board on TFM (or PM me) or email me (address on the home page). Please keep me in the loop about this 🙂

      • Malika says:

        The plan is to definitely keep you in the loop of it all since it is your concept.

        Me and some friends hope to be able to release a magazine sometime next year. It will be pretty much based on the Totalitariers stuff I've shown you in the past. A weird mix between politics, be it authoritarian, current, or even fictional, popular culture and technology. Technology/science will play a smaller role in it since there is already so much for that out there. However, the magazine will include some articles on current politics/economics which will be spiked with popular culture stuff (I'm planning to write some gender studies stuff based on the Dune novels for example). We also wanted to include some graphic novel material in there. Basically imagine a big mix between a scientific/philosophical/political magazine, 2000 AD, Mad Magazine, Rolling Stone and all that to get the feel right.

        The Ecorium concept fits in perfectly since it could be a potential future concept that could be used, especially if resources keep running out and our environment becomes more and more dangerous.

        I'll definitely open up a thread in the Sciror section when the time is right. I will see if I can get some artists aboard for this as well! 🙂

        • Philip S says:

          I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with! The political aspects of the Ecorium would be interesting to explore, after all they were designed with many outspoken interest group's wishes taken into account, not just the environmentalists.

          Many of these interests conflict, yet seem to play out as two sides of the same coin, it all depends on what side you are, and when you are on one side you can't see the other! (a bit like the idea of 'freedom fighter/ terrorist'). It sets up questions like - is an Ecorium a 'gated community' where a community lives in peace according to their own rules, or is it a prison where they are striped of all rights? Are they really free?

          In many ways an Ecorium is like a tiny sovereign state. The community is free from outside interference in their governance, but the way the communities organise may result its members not having personal freedoms.

          • Malika says:

            Getting in artists who want to help out has been going very slowly. Been trying to get some other stuff off the ground as well, but yeah...people are too busy and all that. 🙁

            However, I am still very tempted to work on a form of "comic script" or something for stories based on the Ecorium. The Sciror/SITA setting would be great to play with. I've been getting a bit more into it, especially after my Doctor Who overkill phase! 😀

  8. Charlie Chill says:

    Hi Phil I was looking for Warhammer 40k banners and insignias designs for my Dawn of War Armies and found your page. I became very impressed with your talent and vision. Your art is amazing. I was impressed to find that you are the artist of so many Black Library books. I collect Warhammer books, specially the Horus Heresy ones. Love your Horus Heresy marines art. I also fell in love with your 3d Comic images and concept. I think is a great Idea. Your art work really inspire a lot. You been bless with talent. Keep it up and keep it real ! Cheers ! : )

  9. Pär J Larsson says:

    Hey thank you very much for your work, especially the Astartes scale diagrams.

  10. Mako says:

    Hello Philip,

    I would like to take a moment to salute you for producing one of my all time favourite pieces of art for 40k (30k in fact).
    I still find your False Gods picture quite mesmerising in it's scale and detail - however, I have no idea what MK of armour the SoH are wearing - or indeed where I can get an accurate model of the helmets they are wearing for my own Spess Mehreens.

    Could I please persuade you to take some time on your (excellent) blog to go into some detail and discuss your thoughts and the designs - I would be immensely grateful!

    Thank you!

  11. Erwin Choy says:

    Wanted to contribute my chapter into your list.
    Tried using the painter to get the colour I used for my chapter to no avail.
    Can I send you a picture of my chapter and its symbol?

  12. Masonicon says:

    I like your takes on 40k, another reason Adeptus Mechanicus outlaws today's electronics in your takes on 4ok is: it comes to play when making paranormal subjects are considered Pseudoscience in our universe due to Phase field from Paranormal phenomenon messing with electronics that today's Scientific equipments uses, thus hampering Scientific Methods from applied to Paranormal Subjects.

    and as much as I likes your takes on 40k, I still like my takes on 40k Better: Men of Iron betrays Mankind during closing days of Dark Age of Technology due to Men of Iron themselves are used by Jinn(referred as chaos demons in 40k universe) as their physical bodies due to their construction closer to living organisms than Machinery instead of simply betrayed by Humanity

  13. Frank says:

    Really great job! I'm just trying to do something similar (between Chapter insignia and Chapter organization for all legions and main chapters only) but maybe I don't have to start from the begining. Do you know where I can find the original images you use for scheme color's canon chapters and legions with a 400x500 resolution?

    Thank you so much.

  14. Fabrizio says:

    Hi, this page with all the Space Marines Chapters is great! But it lacks the symbols of each chapter. It can't be seen on the shoulder in the images of the armors. You should add them below every Astartes.

    Happy 2015
    Rome, Italy

  15. Brian Kedersha says:

    Excellent work! I hope one day you finish!

  16. Luca Occhi says:

    Hi Phil, I love Your site!!
    You've done a Great job, especially in the "1000 chapters"!

    I'm writing a dynamic Space Hulk campaign based on Blood Sharks, And I'd like some further Informations about them... how can I contact You?

  17. ddd says:

    "Space Marine Morphology"--The average basketball player is not 7'6 but 6'7 tall.

    • Philip S says:


      Though in 'Space Marine Morphology' the basketball player example is not meant to be 'average', but a player tall enough to match a Marine at 7'6". I used a basketball player as Jes Goodwin said in an interview that;

      "you'd need to bolt about four of them [basketball player] together to get the bulk"

      Here is a list of the taller basketball players. It's a bit of a fudge. I wanted someone who did not suffer from gigantism. Though later, in the Horus Heresy, gigantism is mentioned in the description of Garviel Loken and others - which wasn't cannon at the time -

      As an update it seems someone like Jorge González may be a better starting point. You'd only need to bolt two Jorge González together to get the bulk.

  18. Midnight-Blue766 says:

    How exactly are the STC kits put together in the first place? Are there STC factories as well as ecoria? If so, how do they interact with each other? And what about mines and chemical processing?

    • Philip S says:

      The STC kits (specifically used within Ecoria) are manufactured by the Ad-Mec on Forge Worlds, and then shipped to the Hive Worlds for assembly. Think of the Ad-Mec as the IKEA of the Imperium 😛

      If a Hive World is not yet depleted of resources, the Ad-Mec may have manufacturing capabilities on it. In this case, the STC kits may be produced within an Ad-Mec compound. Usually, this type of manufacturing is low end.

      As for mining and chemical processing, this is a collaboration between the Imperium and the Ad-Mec. Only parts of the operations overseen by the Ad-Mec (machinery) while the labour force is often Imperium.

  19. Tavar says:

    I am really impressed by your site, great job with the illustration as well as well written.

    However I have a question concerning the cover of "False Gods", on the cover the Lunar Wolves use a certain type of helmet, thinking about the timeline it should be the Ferrum Pattern however it seems fairly influenced by ancient Roman helmets therefore has it just been a personal choice or is there actually a Pattern or name for this model.

    Hope my English is still understandable (not my mother tongue) and keep up the great work!

    • Philip S says:

      I was given the freedom make my own variant. The publisher, the Black Library, uses an expanded version of the 40K background, which allows for more variation and nuance in storytelling and illustration. So in a round-a-bout way it's semi-official this variant exists.

      As I understand it there are as many variants of each pattern of Astartes armour as there as Forgeworlds that make them;

      For example: Thousand Sons have the 'Achean Pattern' variant of the Mark 4 "Imperial Maximus Suit". We can still see traces of that armour in the current Thousands Sons, so we still know about it.

      However, the armour depicted on the cover does not have a specific canon name. It has an unofficial name given by fans in a tongue-in-cheek manner of 'Philhammer' pattern armour 😛

      As to why we do no see any trace of 'Philhammer' pattern as depicted on the cover, I would suggest that when Lunar Wolves changed their armour when they became the Sons of Horus, that the patten depicted fell out of favour as technology advanced. The Sons always have the latest gear, and turn over was great.

      After the fall of Horus, any trace of this pattern was gone. The Forgeworld fell, and everything it knew went with it. All records lost/ destroyed.

      I imagine the cover image as a snapshot in time, and that 'Philhammer' pattern of armour is no longer available, and even if it was, other chapters would not use it as they associate it with the Lunar Wolves before the fall.

      As a result, the only place you'll ever see that 'Philhammer' pattern of armour is on the cover of False Gods.

      • Tavar says:

        Wow, that is awesome and thanks for the explanation, too sad though, because I loved the models, should be an actually 100% official Pattern in my opinion, really brings out the "Legion" aspect of the pre-heresy marines and their overall structure, etc. wish I could 3D model and design such a Helmet that way (always loved the roman aspects still used by Ultramarines and I think that model would be great for another captain like Sicarius).
        Keep it up!

  20. pauljam says:

    A question pertaining your warp travel ideas...

    In your 'warp drive' article you say that "The Phase-Field Emitters distort the Materium up to 99% phase.... This point of unlimited power (99.99%) consumption is called the Great Barrier" but in your 'physics' article you say that "The Great Barrier is defined as 49.99r% 'phase'"

    Am I correct in reading that a single phase field emitter operating at maximum power could (theoretically) create a distortion up to 50% (the great barrier). But in order to go beyond the great barrier (>49.99% phase) requires multiple field emitters and the sphere layout?

    Btw the idea of using a star's gravity to provide the momentum for warp travel is an ace idea. Implication is no extra-galactic travel using warp drive.

    • Philip S says:

      Sorry for the late reply, I've been thinking about this on and off over the last couple of years, but never had time to write a comprehensive answer: Warp Correction I realise that you may be long gone, but it has been bugging me! 🙂

      In answer to your question: yep, getting past the great barrier requires a double distortion engine. As for intergalactic travel: it depends on the effect of diving very deep into the warp as all bets are off in 'the void'.

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