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161 Responses

Hearing feedback is very important to me in developing my ideas. Much of my designs are inspired, and crafted, by chatting to fans on forums before snowballing into a full concept you'll find here. I would like to thank all those who have contributed critiques and participated in discussions over the years, and I would especially like to thank all those who commented on this specific topic. If you would like join in, you are most welcome!

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  1. Sephiroth says:

    Subject: Concepts

    Very nice ideas here Philip. Although I want you to understand I am in no way demanding, I'd reeeally love to see a continuation of the Tau concept.

    Good stuff.

  2. Flangetastic says:

    Subject: 3D models

    Great work your doing, any chance of your posting some pics of your 3D models in wireframe? I work in the games industry and so am a bit sad when it comes to modelling lol

    • Philip S says:

      Sure, added the Wireframe/ Muscle Rig for ‘Warrior Coven’ at the bottom of the concept page.

      • Flangetastic says:

        Subject: Wireframe model

        Thanks very much, always nice to see how other people have been building their meshs. The muscle rig on the Eldar is that Muscle TK your using? Been using that myself, great for getting the skinning process fine tuned isn't it.

        When's your main site back up and running?

        • Philip S says:

          I have TK, but that's Michael B. Comet's C Muscle System (digital comet) - very nice. It’s something I would really like to get into much more, modelling and rigging is just so much fun! It’s like a 3D puzzle gone wild 😉

          Main site will be up soon, just clearing out and arranging folders (spring clean!)

          • Flangetastic says:

            Subject: Rigging

            Lol, you wouldn’t think rigging was as much fun if you had to rig an endless array of F1 characters like I have to. Thank heaven for Warhammer 3D modelling, it’s the only thing which keeps me sane in these times of dull computer game titles.

            Cool I look forward to viewing your site soon then.

  3. Arcanum says:

    Subject: Birdy

    I've mentioned this before, but I wanna see the birdy!

    Love the space marine size chart, I can definitely recognise some of your space marines in the art I've got around.

    Particularly that blood angel inferno cover..

      [Philip: There’s an Eldar face sketch are around here someone, when I get a chance I’ll spruce it up a bit and post it.]
  4. masecase says:

    Subject: C'Tan

    When you are really going through with your idea, that artilects and C'tan might be the same, you have a whole lot of work before you.

      [Philip: Sure have 😉 ]

    Not only you have to explain, why the C'tan turned the Necrons but also why got back to the beginning of the universe. Also you would have to change their personality and ambitions and explain, why they attacked humans. Certainly not all of them could have been classified as mutants, since the chance of two humans being identical fairly slim.

      [Philip: Who says the Necrons have turned on humanity? They use ‘Gauss Flayers’ which strip matter and suck it into the weapon. What if the ‘matter patterns’ are stored for later, what if the Necrons are collecting current human samples? There are many ways of adding new twists!]

    What would be really interesting would be an article about the emperor and the primarchs. Your article about the marines, that talks about their new chromosomes (Z-Z) suggests, that either, the primarchs were created from ground up or the emperor was genetically engineered and by fare younger than assumed.

      [Philip: Working on it 😉 ]
  5. Selden Jones says:

    Subject: Digital Art Questions

    Love your work. I have XSI 6.0, Photoshop CS2 and Painter 9.5 as well as Zbrush. I was wondering which programs you used for instance on the cover of Tempest and a brief idea of how you use them together.

      [Philip: Maya and PS for textures, background painted/ filters in PS

    I plan on using Zbrush and XSI for modeling and then somehow importing them into PS and Painter for rendering. Anyway, any help or suggestions, comments etc. would be appreciated. Take care.

      [Philip: Glad you like my work, for info on using advanced CGI programs I recommend CGTalk
      A wealth of info can be found here, along with new shaders and techniques
  6. masecase says:

    Subject: Adeptus Mechanicus

    I just thought, that, while improvement is slow in the Imperium, it still happens. But according to your concept most of the tech is so insanely advanced that a normal man could no way figure it out. But how does the Adeptus Mechanicus cope with it?

      [Philip: Implants!]

    My 5 cent on the matter is, that they use the Bionic Bridge you mentioned in your 40k version to use the calculating capabilities to augmente their own minds. So why do they still progress so slowly? Well, it might be to the mentioned superstition or because at some point the human brain limits the system.

      [Philip: There's a little more stuff on Implants later under the Adeptus Mechanicus Overview.

      I think it progresses slowly because their is a big difference between having your mind loaded with info (via Implants)and truly understanding it to the point your can think creatively with the information. There really is a vast amount of information for the Dark Age of Technology the the Adeptus Mechanicus has to deal with, so much so that even with Implants the human mind can't cope (hence all the divisions of the Adeptus Mechanicus). As for creating new technologies I think the Imperium takes the view of the whole system not individual parts, the system is designed to last technology wise, and to be highly modular. Also the Adpetus Mechanicus maintains tight control of advanced technology and I'm sure they would not share anything new unless they really had to, which considering the Imperium's combat abilities is usually 'no'.]

  7. Spiteful says:

    Subject: Imperial Bolters and their ilk

    Well, I've had a go at bolters myself from a pretty technical perspective. When I ran into your site I thought that you may be interested. It's on 40k Online's background forum. Can't miss it.
    it tackles a few issues such as armour penetration, weight etc, but may be a bit technical in the long run. Thought that perhaps you may have an idea on how to make it a bit more usable.

      [Philip: OM me a link on Anargo 😉]

    And to settle an age old question: Bolters go BANG! the differences in all three acoustic signatures happen so fast that the human ear cannot recognise them. The three are: Initial booster charge, secondary rocket burn and almost immediately a sonic boom: In the Imperium, death is a silent enemy.

      [Philip: That’s my take, with a rocket swoosh sound after]

    I think that you have a fantastic site and it has proven to be an inspriation. Not 100% sur on somethings though. Why did you choose that the physics in the warp are reversed? It makes the "equal and opposite" law of motion really hard to reconcile, and I don't know why there is any link between the realm of emotions and of physics. Perhaps you can explain.

      [Philip: In the materium our emotions are a product of physics (if looking from a very scientific point of view). However, in the warp everything is reversed, so emotions create warp physics (in a way). However it is also very topsy-turvy, and can change and mix as need be, especially in the shallows, creating very strange and chaotic environments.]

    The Space Marines are also something that I am currently exploring. I have read some of your posts on Anargo, and while they don't take the biological view that I normally do, there's a lot of lateral thinking involved that's pretty cool. If I may tender a few question/problems and suggestions;

    Those marines are damned massive. What do they eat? How often do they eat and where do they manage to fit their rations. Especially given the fluff about them hiding out behind enemy lines for months at a time.

      [Philip: They eat lots of protein based foods out of armour, but in armour they don’t eat at all - I answer that in the next bit as they are related]

    Finally, since their gear (read: power armour) is supposed to help in a vacuum, I assume that it is NBC quality gear (otherwise they would be tactically limited). How do they manage to eat, drink, go etc with this equipment and how long is their reasonable operational limit in this kind of environment?

      [Philip: I see the backpack are recycling all marine waste. They have ‘lung ports’ which plug directly into the backpack life support, and urine is reprocessed via drain.

      As chemical energy of the marine is really just ‘energy’ with the proper conversions any power source can run a marine, in this case a Plasma Engine.

      So, once their armour is on: they don’t eat, urinate, defecate or throw up. They do not need to store ‘rations’ unless rations is counted as Hydrogen in the Plasma Engine. In which can they are in the backpack 😉

      There is no reason for them to take of their suit, (unless damaged), even the NFB undersuit has a ‘gel layer’ to keep the marine clean, lubed and recycle sweat. A marine comes out of his suit cleaner than when he went in!

      As for damage, the suit’s muscles and bio-photonic nervous system are self repairing, being based on that artificial biology I go on about. The only thing that can cause a marine real trouble is a back pack failure, or damaged linkage.

      As you have noticed I think ‘laterally’ when it suits me!]

    I hope i haven't come across as a nit-picking knowitall smartass, but these are questions that I am working on myself and would like to solve in one way or the other. If you could perhaps throw some of your ideas over it would be great.

    P.S. If you need to find me I'm on both 40kOnline and Anargo currently, you can just drop me a P.M.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Yours sincerely


  8. Ikkaan says:

    Subject: Imp Guard

    I like your thoughts about 40K, some things you like to add are really contradicting.

    Sterilisation of new Recruits: Doesn't make sense, is nowhere stated, and proves pointless as regiments are "disbanded" on freshly conquered worlds to colonize them. How do you colonize if all colonists are sterile?

      [Philip: The sterilisation is reversible once the IG completes a tour. It is done by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Going AWOL means no children.]

    I fully agree that the tithe should be 50/50 in regards to gender. But your concept of "family units" is completely devoid of the idea to place people in a position regardless of their gender. If you say the gender is unimportant for selection it also has to be unimportant for position.

      [Philip: The cull nets men and women, they are all dropped into ‘the grinder’. Once they prove themselves they are assigned. Being assigned involves decisions on which families to assign them too, and which families want them. More info coming later in that section]

    So either a unit (no matter what size) is formed either of men or women or it is a mixed unit. If it is mixed, the positions need to be filled with the best person for the job. Pressing soldiers into a position he/she can´t fill is risky at best. I.e. promoting a oblivious and mentally challenged girl for a sniper position and supplying the eagle-eyed, mathematics prize winning guy with a short range shotgun. Positions in mixed units need to be filled by ability, not by gender.

      [Philip: About the size of it. Once out of the grinder, they get put where they'll do the most good. As seen in the section, there are roles which are predominately one sex, but that doesn’t rule out the idea that a male can become a sniper, and strong woman join the bodyguard/ assault team. It's all done as the IG see fit. The make the decisions on the ground and what works.]
  9. masecase says:

    Subject: Old Ones

    Hello Philip.

    Although I really appreciate your decision of creating sub-sites about specific themes of the Philverse, I recommend creating a small notifier on the index, so people don't have to search through all links.

      [Philip: I might do just that. I noticed that for some topics I have tons of forum links, and it may be better to put them in with the bulk of the background in each section. I may change the current links to a ‘table of contents’, or if they keep growing a list sub-sections (or is that sub-sub-sections?)]

    Something that came up when reading the updated Ad Mech page was the mentioning of the Old Ones home, the VOID, and the rumor of the Ad Mech about a triple distortion warp drive developed by the artilects. In my opinion you should give an explanation about the confrontation of the two mights, or maybe one and the same, mind, that according to your ideas it has no concept of time, which fits quite nicely with my opinions.

      [Philip: First I have to sort out all the ‘Infinitum’ stuff from the Fonn and transfer it over.]

    Also, where are the Warp Powers like Khorne, Tzeentch and Co?

      [Philip: In the depths of the Ethyrium and near the Void. This allows them to be vaguely aware of their other selves in the alternate universes, all linked via the Void.]
  10. Brother-Sergeant Halen says:

    Subject: Just wandering

    Like the site Philip. You remind me of a pic of Sanguinus I saw a while ago. You're a hell of a lot younger than I thought you would be!

      [Philip: It’s not that recent, I should update it!]

    Looking at the Pic of Poppy, I used to look like that, a while back. Nine years changes a lot!

      [Philip: Blimey!]

    Still, I love your work, and the concepts bit has been helpful in my writing, (or should I say the inarticulate scrawling of a deranged mind, but hey I can't win 'em all).
    🙂 See you on Black Library.

      [Philip: See you too 😉]
  11. masecase says:

    Subject: Old Ones/Void/Chaos/Emperor

    You said, that the Slann believed the Old Ones to be omniscient and all powerful.

    I would avoid this description, since it belittles all other threats and makes the constant war in the galaxy seem insignificant.

    I would describe the void as the state before existence ( including energy, information, laws of physic...) were since nothing is defined everything is possible. Should you place the Old Ones in this "place" you would have to give an explanation for their existence.

    The Warp is thus, according to me just the beliefs of life in all its forms what this state is like. Since emotions also influence your thoughts they also have their imprint in it. Since everyone with a soul is a connection with the void they also manifest similar beliefs. The similarity originates from the weak telepathy. It wouldn't make sense if you would have to have a minimum connection to the void before manifesting witchcraft.

    Now daemons are just physical entities contradicting the universe with their existence which gained life by the beliefs of the mortals. in consuming the soul of the mortals they spread the idea and concept of their existence on an under conscious level via telepathy. Mortals associate the daemons with concepts, so they have to "serve" them to a degree.

    On the Emperor. When applying this to the old shamans system, it wouldn't make sense for them to connect into one person, since it would limit their influence in the end, especially when considering the later spread of mankind and its ideas.
    So how comes, the emperor could overpower the beliefs of a whole universe (multiverse?).

    I think he isn't just the conglomeration of several thousand shaman psyker souls, but is indeed a focus point, where all the souls of mankind merge into one soul embodying one body.

    Thus, the chaos gods would still "exist" by emotions and beliefs and the emperor would still have a solid powerbase.

  12. Frank Smedley says:

    Subject: Your Site and Warhammer 40K

    Dear Sir,

    I have perused your site and all it's facets. I was quite impressed with your descriptions and ideas reguarding Archo-Tech, The Ad-Mech, Space Marines, and especially Bolters and their associated systems and sub-systems. I do not give praise lightly, nor do I usually post to most web sites. But yours was so exceptional that I felt compelled to write to let you know how truely impressed I was at the clean logic and reasonable technological aspects of which you wrote, and the way in which you presented them.

      [Philip: Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to write this.]

    My ONLY, and most minor, less-than-admirable notation would be the spelling errors I found while reading. This is nothing a good spell checker, or friendly editor, could not clear up and tidy the look and feel of your articles.

      [Philip: If you (or anyone) want to point out a really glaring one, please feel free to use the email up top]

    I can easily see you were inspired by the Machine Spirit itself, and perhaps by HE who sits on the Throne of Mankind as well. My blessings to you, and my profound hopes you continue your researches in the future.

      [Philip: May the light of the Emperor shine upon thee, and bear your soul aloft in times of need – now kill some fuggin’ mutants!]

    Chapter Master Rymeer,
    Crusading Lions Chapter,
    Adeptus Astartes.

  13. Chris says:

    Subject: Primarchs' Zodiac Signs

    I was reading the Lost Legions thread on the Black Library forum posted by DaemonSlave and I came across the concept of the Primarchs' Zodiac signs. I've been trying to find that list that DaemonSlave mentioned in his thread about your list and I'd love to check that out and see what you came up with.


    • Philip S says:

      One of the lists, the '21 zodiacal constellations of the planets', is in the summery here (Edit: link broken since BL changed forum, Lost Legions Summary is a good place to start)

      For the Draconic zodiac I have;

      Pisces the Fishes Pisces Mortarion (Death Guard)
      Cetus the Whale (Tiamat) Cetus Alpharius (Alpha Legion)
      Aries the Ram Aries Lorgar (Word Bearers)
      Taurus the Bull Taurus Angron (World Eaters)
      Orion the Hunter Orion Leman Russ (Space Wolves)
      Auriga the Charioteer Auriga Jaghatai Khan (White Scars)
      Gemini the Twins Gemini Lion El'Jonson (Dark Angels)
      Cancer the Crab Cancer Perturabo (Iron Warriors)
      Leo the Lion Leo Rogal Dorn (Imperial Fists)
      Sextans the Sextant - UNKNOWN
      Virgo the Maiden Virgo Fulgrim (Emperor's Children)
      Crater the Cup Crater Ferrus Manus (Iron Hands)
      Corvus the Crow Corvus Corax (Raven Guard)
      Libra the Scales Libra Roboute Guilliman(Ultramarines)
      Scorpius the Scorpion Scorpius Konrad Curze (Night Lords)
      Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer Ophiuchus Vulkan (Salamanders)
      Sagittarius the Archer Sagittarius Horus
      Scutum the Shield - UNKNOWN
      Capricornus the Sea Goat Capricornus Magnus (Thousand Sons)
      Aquarius the Water Carrier Aquarius Sanguinius (Blood Angels)

      If you wish to discuss please take it to the Black Library thread, and I'll pop by 😉

  14. masecase says:

    Subject: Chaos

    Hello Mr. Sibbering.

    How does it come, that you never come up with ideas about chaos. I mean, you have ideas for almost any race except for one of the oldest villains: CHAOS!!!

      [Philip: Chaos is a special case, I'm working on some ideas. Part of the set up appears in the 'Fonn' (Amazons) section, but the chaos I imagine is very different and much darker than the current version. I notice you posted over on Warseer so I'll post over there]

    Also, according to the fluff posted about the golden age of technology the Machines become the steel version of mary sue and the Imperium to insignificant. Maybe you should delete some zeroes from the 15 Billion.

      [Philip: No way! 15 billion of nothing! :p I agree that it's extreme, but it seems logical that the golden age machines would succeed man as the dominant power, only to have mankind trump the machines later with Psyker powers. As for the machine being a Mary Sue? I do not think it fits the definition as such. It's not beyond the 'suspension of disbelief' (or imagination) that an intelligent sci-fi machine could far outstrip humanity in terms of thought processes and maybe even creativity. If anything the humans are closer to a 'Mary Sue' as they gain Psyker powers (exotic trait) and it's the only way they get back into the game and are not totally ignored by machines. The fact that humans go nova and cause the fall of the machine/ human empire and the start of the age of strife; firmly puts them in the stop light.]

    Besides that, I like the new ideas, especially tech ( the language).

    PS: please keep the star vampires an gods separated.

      [Philip: Maybe, maybe not 😀]
  15. Shamus says:

    Subject: your space marine list

    I am very curious, just how did you do the different space marines in the list of custom chapters? I know where to find the marine painter on the B%26C, I have that, but I don't know where or how you got the *other* marines? The different helmets, the neck guard, the inclusion of the bolt pistol, etc.

      [Philip: A mix of the v1 painter, some prototype images of Brother Argos' test of v2 and a fair bit of work in Photoshop!

      Hope that helps 😉]

  16. Daniel says:

    Subject: Praise

    What shall I say? I am impressed!

    Games workshop should offer you a excellent paid job for writing their background.



  17. Z.C. says:

    Subject: Tau

    Alright, I am really impressed by your work, but I was wondering if the information that you had on the Tau were your own thoughts, or official information.

      [Philip: The information on the Tau is my own thoughts. It is unofficial and not endorsed by GW in any way. Think of it as 'fan-fiction'.]
  18. Ben says:

    Subject: Your chapter concepts

    I am really loving the work you have done for your chapter concepts and I was wondering would you be able fiddle with the B+C painter image and crate a picture of a marine from the chapter I am creating?

      [Philip: Short answer: No. However...

      You prayers for all things chaptery may be answered with the next B+C release, as I will be contributing to the war gear module. I've already sent in a couple of cloaks, and when they get back to me with the new templates I can start doing up a load of modifications. I think the problem at the moment at B+C is bandwidth as the modules take up a lot.

      If your e-mail is correct, you may get an opportunity to have an image modified during a beta-test, so you could get a mod early - but that's all pure speculation.

      Out of interest what did you want? Which off the modifications on my site did you like the look off?

      (send email to the admin address at the top of the Guestbook)

      PS: The Ampersand does not work on this Guestbook - I think the coding is wrong

  19. Kage2020 says:

    Subject: Glad to see...

    Hey Phil. Glad to see that you've given your 40k concept page a bit of style now, and a pretty one at that. Congrats...

      [Philip: Thanks mate, I appreciate you popping by and letting me know your thoughts. The style on the concept page is going to filter down to all the concept pages, but in rewriting all the ideas they seem to have spiralled out into a maze of info-madness and may take a bit of time to sort out! (You know how it is 😉

      As for the design, I wanted something a little different to the web pages I see every day, but there are so many pretty pages from so many talented people it's hard to be original. So I went back to basics for inspiration and looked at ye olde typography, and then at manuscripts (which seemed appropriate for 40K). I think of the style as 'modern-manuscript' which I hope will be seen as tying into the 40K feel (it’s a 40K STC e-paper style 😀 )]

  20. His will says:

    Subject: Greetings, praise and questions.


    I really like your site. Especially the parts where you explore things that aren't focused on by GW. For example the Golden Age of Technology. Really interesting.

    Are you updating this site? I keep checking back every once in a while, but I see no changes. Should I just forget it existed and then stumble upon it years from now, when I can reread your stuff and be amazed all over again?

    Bye bye

    His Will

      [Philip: I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. As for future updates? Yes there updates in the pipe, I'm still chatting with other fans to sort out a few bits, but the section scheduled to be reworked is the Adeptus Mechanicus page. Perhaps I should have a news page, or a list of updates in the pipeline? Answers in an email please!]

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