Growth and Maturity
21st Dec, 2010

The Space Marine Morphology page has been updated with an expanded ‘Growth and Maturity’ section. This is a mix of old material with additional explanation. I’ve denoted it as ‘optional’ to make it clear it can be separated out from the main concept, as the main Marine design concept is closely based on canonical information and Jes’ notes, while the growth section is wild speculation.

This section deals with the variations in marine size found throughout Games Workshop publications. It’s entirely possible for such variations to be natural. Some marines may simply grow taller than others. This does raise an interesting curiosity should this be the case: that in 40K marine heroes tend to be depicted as being taller than 7′ and more often 8′. It could be that the larger marines are more heroic? This would further plays into Western ideals of heroes being exceptional by bloodline, and there is nothing wrong in that interpretation, but on its own I find it a little ‘narrow’ in vision. It could do with some more variations added into the pot. What follows is an additional way to explain why marine heroes tend to be taller. It can be used in conjunction with the first.

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New Theme: Inquisitor
15th Feb, 2010

This is the new theme for this blog and my main website. My aim is to merge the two. This theme is a complete re-write from scratch; I first created the template for the main site and then adapted it to a WordPress theme. I named this theme ‘Inquisitor’ after the fact looks like a giant ‘I’ (I was going to call it simply ‘I’, but thought better of it). Its style draws heavily from the main site, with a few touches from the old ‘Philverse’ theme, all pulled together and streamlined for a more utilitarian look. The familiar ‘drop cap titles’ are carried over, mixing old manuscript and modern typography which seems appropriate for 40K, combined with clearer layout. Browsers have come a long way, it was much easier to create the drop caps, so a lot of Div tags and what-nots have be ripped out. A lot lighter and quicker.

The layout is not quite the same as the old blog as I removed the side bar, and all tracking information will be moved to a separate pages. I will add an archives page, and recent comments page later. My goal is to use this blog purely as a ‘news page’. I will update the main site later, once all the quirks have been ironed out here, with the updated theme.

As with all new developments on my site, they are designed to make it easier to get around and view, so I am very interested to hear what you think.

Now 720 Chapters
9th Nov, 2009

The 1000 Chapter Project is advancing and the latest update brings the total number of chapters listed to 720. This many not sound like a huge jump from 600, but Dazzo have cleaned up the list, and removed a fair few chapters. The new list has a lot better, and many of the chapters have Index Astartes (IA) to go with them. This is good new for me as I have now updated the page to match and the popup now all have clickable marines taking you to the represented chapter’s IA.

As you can imagine there are 720 links to put in, so I have started a thread over on Bolter and Chainsword to collect up links for DIY chapters. If you have a DIY chapter listed in the Visual Index then head over to Bolter and Chainsword and post your links there. If you are not a member you can post them here, though almost all the DIY Chapters seem to be on Bolter and Chainsword!

1,000 Space Marine Chapters
Bolter and Chainsword Thread

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