Utopia – draft
13th Oct, 2019

Gaia ::13,963

The Supremacy has conquered all, humans are everywhere in our crowded Universe, and all the galaxies belong to us. Every star is a power source, each encapsulated by a Stapledon Compression Sphere. There are no stars in the night sky, all is black, and the surface of all human worlds are devoid of life and frozen solid.

We live safe underground, thousands of tons of rock above our heads, within our stage 5 Ecorium able to withstand attack from imagined aliens we never found. Brute force terraforming, block by subterranean block, trillions hidden away from fear. All interconnected by the internet, a busy hive of activity, where all are free from stress. We are cared for, this is the Mecho-Communist Utopia: the promised land. Everything is awesome!

The machines meet all our needs, but we crave more. Our culture is ‘Tube celebrities, feeding us a diet of drama, reaction videos, live stream chit-chat and game-play, and rants against the oppressive machine Mecriarchy [new word]. All supported by fan sharing their dispensary pay (for drugs and entertainment handed out by the machines). Elevating the few on the internet to positions of influence, and a chance buy there way into the executive class.

That is the dream of all, to become an executive, and leave the hive for the much-coveted Gaia worlds. Eden remade. The rarest of all jewels that turns up once in a thousand galaxies. In a universe of 2 trillion galaxies, yields a mere 2 billion paradise worlds — prime real estate. The playgrounds of the elite. They beam back the good life to the masses, visions of open blue skies, lush plant life, and clear oceans most will never see. They bask in the sun, warm sand under their feet, frolic in nature, and party in a sea of plenty. Sometimes they invite the talented Tubers to join them in paradise. To party at gorgeous locations such as the unbelievable beautiful archipelagos of Epstein’s world, Gaia ::13,963.

Too much, or more Grimdark?

COR housing
13th Jul, 2016

Following on from my earlier post ‘Future Perfect‘, I want to start to layout the argument for my vision.  Construction Over Road/ Rail Housing make use of the wasted space above roads and rail systems. The idea is to better manage space in countries will high population densities, with an aim to maximize ‘nature space’.


London – thanks NASA!

Nature space is any outside space that has direct access to the sun. This is perfect for plants, and studies show that humans enjoy nature far more than concrete jungles. Modern city design eats into this nature space and removes nature space from people’s lives. If you take a satellite image of central London all you’ll see is roads, pavements, and barren roof tops. We need roads but they’re hardly human friendly once you step out of a car. Most roofs a not used by humans at all, and devoid of life. Pavements are also needed but not much of a joy more utility. But if you do not have a car: it seems most would prefer to walk/ cycle through a park (away from the fumes, noise, and traffic chaos).

The problems with modern city design are endless. As London develops the limitations of traditional architecture start to show. The more skyscrapers you put in: the more you’ll overload the road system. Even cities like New York, with very wide roads, have ground to a virtual halt. This is due to the amount of traffic needed to get people and goods to all those skyscrapers on a daily basis!

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Mega York 1
1st Jul, 2016

I’ve added an image below of ‘Mega York 1’ to the Ecopolis page. The idea is to get across the sheer scale of a 300m x 300m cube if built in a modern city like New York. They are massive, like the Mega-Blocks of Judge Dredd only bigger. The main difference is population density: a mega-block in 2,000AD can house 75,000 citizens while an Ecorium can house a mere 2,160. This does not take into account infrastructure to support the block, and where the 2,000AD mega block needs supply lines for food etc. the Ecorium is basically a massive farm and relatively self-sufficient.

Earth in 40K is covered with these buildings, along with double, and triple, stacking the population of Terra would be in the trillions. The tops of the Ecorium create a new planetary surface onto which all the gothic architecture is built, the upper surface is for the pilgrims and worship of the Ghod Emperor.

Windows/ Linux GUI
26th Jan, 2015

As a windows user these are my thoughts on the GUI, and the up and coming windows 9, erm, 10. Currently I use windows 7, though this is more due to a lack of compelling reason to upgrade. I do no mind windows 8 or 8.1 once the start menu is added back in, and if I was buying a new PC I would use it, thought the interface is not perfect. There seems to be a drive to change the GUI for windows. I suppose this is because windows 7’s GUI would be a little fiddly for smaller devices (which are very popular) and it’s getting a little old. I think Microsoft wants a new way of doing this, fresh and bright. So they came up with windows 8 which is really nothing more than exploding the start menu all over the screen to make the icons big enough for fingers on small screens.

Soon windows 10 will be out, and I hope they add the start menu back, but if they really want to change it up I think there is a rich resource they can mine for the layout of the GUI: wed pages.

Let me explain. OS and their GUI develop very slowing compared to the massive turnover or website design. All websites need to be easy and quick to navigate else businesses lose money. It’s kind like evolution for the internet, certain characteristics of design win out and prove popular. Most websites now have good navigation, with clear, top of the page, categories with drop down menus. I think this would make a good basis of a GUI for an OS as it is proven to be quick and seeing as everyone is used to seeing it: intuitive and second nature. They also collapse down to lists for use on mobile phones. Kills two birds with one stone, and no changes needed to the GUI for either.

I put together a rough concept of what I am talking about here: ‘mofo os

Seems simple enough.

I would also like Ubuntu (my fav Linux distro) or an Ubuntu derivative use this. I think the unity interface wastes space and is a bit awkward.

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Technology line
7th Jul, 2011

This is how I see the order of technology advancement  in 40K (and Sciror). Each level of tech building on the last, with speculative breakthroughs, and incorporating the flavour of the setting.  It’s how all the technologies link together, of all the species of 40K, and how that technology integrates with a setting that includes extra-science (the warp) and the knock on phenomena of psi-powers.

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Org Concepts
13th Apr, 2011

I have been messing about with the Org concepts some more. I came up with one I liked in a doodle while on the telephone. Funny how inspiration strikes when you are not really trying! I scanned the scrap of paper into Photoshop and worked it up. The Orgs are the Sciror version of Orcs, but I wanted them to be even meaner looking (if that’s possible), a mix between 40K’s Orks, rage zombies (from 28 days), and a dash of crocodile. Notable differences are the lack of lips (I may play up the shark teeth angle a bit more in later versions), the skeletal nose, and rounded ears.

Forbidden Planet
8th Sep, 2010

One of my favourite sci-fi movies is the 1957 classic ‘Forbidden Planet‘. The story revolves around a machine created by the Krell. These advanced aliens who could make anything they wanted from raw energy supplied by thousands of fusion reactors deep under the surface of Altair IV. This energy could be changed into anything, even physical matter, and it was controlled with their thoughts. However all did not go well for the Krell.

Suffice to say it ends in tragedy. The Krell are long dead. Now 200,000 years later humans are playing about with it. More tragedy follows when a ‘Demon of the Id’ starts hunting the crew of the United Planets Cruiser C-57D, conjured up by Dr. Morbius’ unconscious mind. As he sleeps he has no control over his mind , or the link to the machine, and the Krell machine uses his ‘Id’ to make a demon, born of his fears for his daughter. The Demon is a guardian; doing what he desires to do, but his concious mind suppresses.

It becomes clear how the Krell died – they we betrayed by their deeply suppressed subconscious mind.

I always loved the concept, and thought it would be a great concept/ model for the warp in Warhammer 40,000. The warp could take the place of the machine and the fusion generators – a source of pure creation energy, and it would be limitless. This energy can be accessed by Psykers, and moulded with the conscious mind to create powers, and in the case of Eldar ‘wraithbone’. Apparently all humans have latent Psykers to varying degrees (apart from Pariah) and while they cannot access the warp in the waking hours what about when they sleep?

Untold trillions of humans, and other sentient beings, may unconsciously access the warp. The warp would take the most powerful innermost drives of fear and desire, striped of all reason, and manifest the ‘Demons of the Id’. The Daemons would be vague imprints in the warp, unable to gain access to the Materium. This would not be a problem if few people are accessing the warp, but what if trillions of people have the same fears and drives, would they combine to create something that can exist? An entity that could be summoned

Such a being would be extreme in nature, and with an inconstant form that is ever changing (chaos) but in the moment of summ0ning the expectation of the conscious Psyker may go a long way into forming the body the entity will inhabit. This could explain the consistency of daemonic form across the various powers. That they are made in the image seen in the mind’s eye of the summoner. These images would come from forbidden books describing them, and depicting them. The artists image would have power, the power to invoke a mental image that then comes into reality.

Temple of the Machine God
1st Aug, 2010

Every Imperial world that uses STC technology has a Temple erected to the Machine God. These temples vary from techno-gothic castles, to vast fortified industrial complexes with a towering spires surrounding a gravity lift. No matter the size, the temple is the Adeptus Mechanicus’ presence on that world – their base of operations. All technology built on a Forgeworld and delivered to an Imperial world passes through the temple. The temple sanctifies the technology, ensures it is working, and is responsible for passing it on to the inhabitants of that world.

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STC Universal Enclosure
29th Jul, 2010

This is a concept for a universal enclosure. One in a set of enclosures used throughout the Imperium. I’ll start out with a guestimate of the concept, true it up towards the end, and perhaps go into some of the consequences, and impact of this STC.

The enclosure will be a medium shipping container size, quite large, around 2m x 2m x 2m, perhaps with a built in pallet (2.2m high). In concept is is similar to a large reusable shipping crate (similar to something like the quick-crate system – but not in a patent infringing way, so I’ll 40K it up a bit with some auto-studs). It is made of a laminated ceramite composite material – similar to a very strong ply-wood except it can withstand bullet impacts and is fireproof. It can be flat packed.

This enclosure is designated as ‘universal’ as the Ad-Mec use it for roles aside from shipping. While it can be used to transport small items (munitions, weapons, devices, rations, spare parts, etc.) as a packing crate, it is also used as an outer case to STC appliance units (air-recycling, water storage, batteries, plasma engines, etc), and even used to house compact hab (pod) units.

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26th Mar, 2010

This is an idea for Orgs, the Sciror version of Orcs/ Orks. I like the Warhammer version of Orks with spores, and the breeding cycle of Genestealers and thought about combining the two and messing about with the blended concept to play into stereotypes about teenagers and counter-cultures. I also wanted a bit of the ‘The Thing‘ and ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers‘ in there too. All to create a potent invasion organism that attacks from the inside on many layers.

Concept: The Org spores infect a person and get into their blood. The spores affect the gamete cells, and hence any subsequent child derived from them is altered. The child would appear to be normal, but the Org characteristics lay dormant within the child. When a child reaches puberty they start to transform (many parents would agree with this!).

It would be like a 12-13 year old pumped full of growth hormones and steroids (far more than usual). At first they may seem athletic, but soon it goes completely haywire. They loose teeth, and a third set (with tusks) breaks through. They shoot up in height, pack on muscle, eat nothing but red meat, and are prone to ‘roid rage’.

They form gangs, hang out of street corners,  and attack humans. Their behaviour becomes more extreme over time, until they start killing and eating humans. They become a head-hunter ‘serial killer’ gang. As they mature they become green, first blotchy, they all over.

The final transformation is when they ‘die’. Once the heart stops it triggers a massive change, and the Org ‘reanimates’ the corpse, and it is driven by an extreme hunger. Now the ‘Orc’ is out of control and rabid. It becomes a berserker driven by primal instincts (very true if their was massive brain trauma).

This final stage is the end game. The Org is probably part of a gang (which it still recognises) but it has gear and weapons acquired while still in the ‘human’ stage.

The Org are rebels, insurgents, and revolutionaries, they are anarchists, vandals, destroyers, nutters, psychos.


  • Micro-Spore – can be ingested, or contracted. Grows inside the host to create Bacterium like structures, also produces Bacteriophage (attacks native bacteria in the human host), and Retrovirus (payload) all acting in unison.
  • Child – looks and acts human
  • Teenager – groups of the infected gather together to form gangs as they starts to transform (wears a hoodie to hide this transformation :P). Starts mugging people and beating them up, only a matter of time before they start eating them too! Eating human flesh leads to;
  • Mature – looks a bit like a hobgoblin, very strong, high pain tolerance, and blotchy green skin. Prone to rages, but is still smart and understands technology. Have their own abbreviated language and a psionic link to each other. If they are killed this triggers the next stage;
  • Undead – if the heart stops the Org go into overdrive and seize control. Reanimation. The host is reborn as a rabid ‘Orc‘. Insane levels of hunger, rapid regeneration, possible psionic-boosters in areas where there is a psionic-manifestation. Very fast, constantly running (charging) and extremely tough. An AK-47 will not kill them. You literally a have to dismember them to slow them down (but they can reattach limbs by holding the soggy end close to the severed point) but they will also regenerate in the case where they can not reach a lost limb.
  • Rebirth once more – Total death (incineration) releases spores that infects the area, and gets into the food chain (dormant). Once eaten it infects the host, including the genitals (inc. eggs and sperm). Can also be passed on as a sexually transmitted disease (having sex with an infected person pass on the spores, as well as leading to teenagers (with Org syndrome).)

Their sole mission is to destroy civilizations from within. The Org gangs can be styled after any gang, warband, or counter-culture from anywhere in the world, or sci-fi inspired gangs from anywhere (or any-time) in the world, or completely made up. This allows Player to style their Orgs as they see fit. They could wear tartan kilt with blue face paint, or Samurai gear, even Ninja Orgs. Anything and everything – a mix of Org and human – hells angels, chavs, Blackwater Mercenaries, you name it.

The role of Mature Humans who are infected: a mature human who is infected will still transform on death. I’m considering this make a smaller ‘Goblin’ type, that is cunning and avoid direct fighting, and sabotages the food supply, hospitals etc all with intend of creating conditions ideal for spreading the infection.

Until death, a mature human who is infected as an adult, may exhibit secondary, far less pronounced, transformation traits.

  • For example – Infected Mercenaries who are official contractors, with links to the military, would likely to show only secondary traits, as they are too old to be full ‘hobgoblin’ Orgs as this would be seen by the time the are ready to be selected as from the ranks of the military Mercenaries.

This is an advantage for the Org as such infected contractors would be hard to spot and would be sympathetic to up and coming full Orgs. These infiltrator Orgs may have extra muscle mass and aggression. This allows the Org to infiltrate the military and retain their cover, not alerting the command structure or others, yet at the same time may be ‘heroes’ (and spreading infection).

The idea behind this would be that the Org want to infect military personnel (though this is more instinct; they want to fight and the want to retain cover and play by the rules) as their children will be infected and transform into ‘hobgoblin’ Orgs and probably have some training due to their parents. The parents may even protect their transforming offspring.

In a game, this could be used as special rules for turning seemingly uninfected enemy units into ‘traitors’ and launching a surprise attack from within. The Org tend to see their infection as a ‘gift’, and want to get rid of other humans (who they see as weak) or convert them. However the society is not stable as the Org will turn on each other when all the regular humans are gone. The Org organise into tribal units and hunt down other tribes. Only the strong survive on an Org world, a world of endless fighting.

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