Power systems of the Imperium

Renewable Energy

The Imperium uses several power systems are are beyond our current technology. While the vast majority of power systems are relatively mundane (but still highly advanced) in their science; some systems are far beyond our understanding of what science is. These exotic systems dabble in science beyond quantum mechanics and delve in boarder-space theories. The maths for such systems is ‘dynamic’ as in the equations are continually shifting as time progresses and the amount of phase level induced. The laws, because of the proximity of the warp are not fixed. These systems rely artificial on ‘psionic’ minds to stabilise and complete the equations.

Plasma Engine

Plasma Engines

The basic power unit of the Imperium. A magnetic based fusion reactor with an inner lining of thermoelectric cells to directly convert the heat into electricity, and an over lay of high performance (temp) solar cells to convert light. The most common shape is the torus (tokamak) and the spiral. The spiral lead to the armoured plasma cable which is basically a fusion reactor in a very thick cable with plugs.

Exotic 1 (high-yield) : Power field compression fusion reactor (with TC cells or conversion field (see exotic 2)). The compression factor of this design greatly increases the output of energy and is exclusively a military (or Imperium institution) technology. At x20 compression only conversion fields can harvest the massive amounts of energy produced safely. These units are run by the Adeptus Mechanicus and are never given to civilians, as these designs can be consider weapons (field failure at high compression factors will create a huge sphere of expanding plasma that will vaporise virtually anything it touches).

Exotic 2 (Total Conversion Engines 99% efficient): A Phase Field arrayed to directly convert heat and light energy into electrical energy.


Thermoelectric Cell

The STC (standard) thermoelectric cell, or TEC, is the primary power source of gadgets in the Imperium. The TEC absorbs and converts heat into electricity and stores it as a battery. It is these cells that line the walls in many Plasma Engines, and is a primary component of the STC thermal based multi-fuel engine used to power many vehicles in the Imperium. The base is the thermal converter and storage block two contacts on top allow electricity to be drawn from the unit.


Note: This TC is the standard military power cell and fits all Imperial Guard Lasguns, and any other man portable weapon systems that require power. It is also used in any-fuel engines to drive tanks such as the Leman Russ. You can line a fire box, or boiler, with these cells to replace ‘fire bricks’, hook up the backs to a grid and it will supply reliable electrical energy. You can burn anything in the fire box, trees, coal, oil etc. and it will extract around 90% of the energy and convert it into electricity. Hyper efficient. The cells are supplied by the Adeptus Mechanicus as sealed units.


Total Conversion Fields

TCFs convert one energy form into another. They come in various types and used in anything from armours to engines. In the sphere of power production these exotic systems are a transition system. They also break the laws of mundane (regular) physics, and it is possible that you can get more energy out than you put in (warp proximity excitement effect) and bend the natural laws. These exotic systems turn up in some power systems, mainly in total conversion engines. The TCE can actually completely transform one energy into another, and in some cases produce even more energy than what was put in! Total conversion fields are often combined with other field technologies (compression power fields) and plasma engines to make highly efficient military grade plasma engines or Total Conversion Engines.

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