Power Field Technologies

Archaeotech – Warped Reality

The Adeptus Mechanicus have access to highly advanced archaeotech knowledge such as power field theory. This allows them to construct Phase-Field Emitters and twist reality. The Phase-Field Emitters can theoretically distort the materium up to 99.9% phase. The power to obtain this level of phase increases dramatically as the phase increases. At 99.999% no matter how much more power is added it will not phase to 100%. This point of unlimited power consumption is called the Great Barrier.

Total Conversion Fields

TCFs convert one energy form into another. They come in various types and used in anything from armours to engines. In the sphere of power production these exotic systems are a transition system. They also break the laws of mundane (regular) physics, and it is possible that you can get more energy out than you put in (warp proximity excitement effect) and bend the natural laws. These exotic systems turn up in some power systems, mainly in total conversion engines. The TCE can actually completely transform one energy into another, and in some cases produce even more energy than what was put in! Total conversion fields are often combined with other field technologies (compression power fields) and plasma engines to make highly efficient military grade plasma engines or Total Conversion Engines.

Power Field


Power Canopy


Matter Repulsors


Stasis Field

Although often thought to stop time by laymen, the stasis field creates and phased zone of space inhibits all atoms within. This has the effect of instantly locking any matter inside as if frozen solid, and is effective as a cryogenic system (but without the ice crystal forming).

Light [option 1]: An unusual property of the field is that light can freely move about in the filed, but can’t fully interact or be absorbed with the atoms contained within. This give the ‘frozen’ atoms a mirror like quality, and the still air scatters light. All light that goes into the zone is reflected out in full. This means that stasis fields can be used to make ‘perfect mirrors’ and lenses that can handle extreme power levels. This technology turns up in ‘defence lasers’ and telescopes.

Light [option 2]: Light (and heat energy) can enter the field and are unaffected by it. If a photon strikes an object within the field: the reflected part of the spectrum will bounce out as normal, giving the object colour, but the part of the spectrum that is absorbed will instantly be outputted from the atom as an Infrared wave. Therefore objects can be seen inside the field as normal, but there is an increase of infrared energy (in effect the locked atoms are acting in a similar way to a conversion field: changing part of the visible light to infrared).

Note: Similar to the stasis field used to house the Primarch of the Ultramarines: Roboute Guilliman.

Power Requirements: Energy powering the field fluctuates depending on the amount of forces and energy applied to the objects within field. The field uses more energy on a planet than if in space due to it resisting gravity, the field uses more energy when moved as it resists momentum, and the filed uses more energy if a lot of light enters (laser).

Bad Dreams: Stasis fields only suspend physical matter, yet humans are more than matter alone. Their Ethyrium imprint is not constrained by the Stasis field, and although the ‘soul’ is in the upper most shallows of the Ethyrium, and usually can’t be reached by daemons, there is a strong sense of displacement, and a human continues to feel and dream even though the brain is locked solid. Most humans see a bright light that pulls them in, and most awake convinced they are dead, and in a mixed state of fear and euphoria. At first this would put down to a psychological reaction to instant lock and the slight ‘kick’ when awoken, but Psykers showed that there was more to it. A Psyker will remain ‘conscious’ while suspended in a Stasis, and this can be highly traumatic and required special training to overcome the emotional impact.

Refractor Field


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