Warhammer Artworks

posted: 12th Aug, 2007 - updated: 1st Feb, 2013

Black Library publishing

This is a gallery of all the artworks commissioned by Black Library Publishing (a division of Games Workshop). All these images are reproduced with kind permission. Each piece of art here has graced one, or more, BL publications. From my first Inferno cover, to latest novel covers, I have really enjoyed working with BL (and a special thanks to Christian Dunn for being super cool). The artworks are shown here in order of commission rather than release date.

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Inferno 34 - Blood Angels
Fury of the Blood Angels

Warhammer Monthly - Deathwatch

Defenders of Vior'la

Night of the Necrons

Grey Knights
Grey Knights

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Flames of Damnation - Greater Demon of Tzeentch
Flames of Damnation

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Blood Angels - Deus Encarmine
Deus Encarmine

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Blood Angels - Deus Sanguinius
Deus Sanguinius

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Deathwatch - Warrior Brood
Warrior Brood

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2000 AD - Strontium Dog
Fistful of Strontium

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Space Marines. Lunar Wolves. - False Gods
False Gods

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Grey Knights - Dark Adeptus
Dark Adeptus

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Deathwatch - Warrior Coven
Warrior Coven

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Space Marines. Space Marines - Dawn of War: Tempest
Dawn of War, Tempest

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Tactica Imperialis - Titans
Tactica Imperialis

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Blood Bowl - Rumble in the Jungle
Rumble in the Jungle

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Blood Bowl - Omnibus
The Blood Bowl Omnibus

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Notice: Cover images of BL novels and magazines are the property of Games Workshop Ltd, and used with permission. Copyright © Games Workshop Ltd., 2009, all rights reserved. BL Publishing is a division of Games Workshop

Warhammer 40K

The majority are based on my favourite sci-fi-fantasy setting: Warhammer 40,000 (or simply '40K' to fans). 40K is gothic sci-fi, though 'sci-fi' may be stretching it, with a lot of fantasy thrown in, and quite bleak (grimdark). More of a hybrid of the two genre. A couple of Blood Bowl covers slipped in later. I even created one for the BL's sister imprint the Black Flame: this being 2000AD's Strontium Dog. That was a lot of fun as I grew up with 2000AD and the Dog was always bad ass.


My favourite artwork out of all of them probably as to be the one I had most freedom create: the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch (which for some reason all women who have viewed it seem assume it is Dragon? Perhaps a similar vibe to Blake's Red Dragon?). It ended up on the last cover of Inferno 46. Apparently there were all kinds of problems at the printers when this demonic artwork arrived, and has even leading it to gaining the dubious accolade of causing the end Inferno!

Tzeentch - what did you do?


Looking back through my covers is like looking back in time, from my early painting style used on Inferno 34, to the later computer generated imagery for the Space Marines and Bowl Bowl. I really enjoyed building the Space Marine models in 3D and seeing how their armour moves. It also gave me a ton of ideas for a redesign based on newt suits, but that's being saved for another project. The idea of using 3D was to give consistency over all my marine images (which I wanted to use for a comic - but that's another story!), and built up a library of ready to use characters. I do like 3D applications, but I now have a hankering for concept style sketches.

A lot of this 3D work inspired new ideas and new projects. They are all a bit radical and not really suitable for 40K, or Warhammer, as they deviate too far from the established image. Combined with all my musings on 40K and background, I figured I might as well put together my own setting - hence Sciror was born!


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